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9 Tell-Tale Traits of a Great Place to Work

9 Tell-Tale Traits of a Great Place to Work
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At one point in your career, you’ve probably dealt with the following question: what makes a company a great place to work? Answering this question requires patience and some in-depth research. 

If you’re an entry-level worker hoping to find the right business, this guide is for you. Don’t sell yourself short by just accepting any position without accounting for its workplace environment. Read on to learn about the best workplace characteristics so you can land a position at a company that is transparent, fun, and high-performing.

9 Traits of a Great Place To Work

So what makes a company a great place to work? The answer involves a comprehensive set of workplace traits. Read on to learn about how to tell if a company has a healthy work environment. 

1. Clear Objectives

A company lacking a thorough assessment of its goals is one that is ready to crumble. Does the business have a clear vision regarding long-term objectives and how to achieve them? A successful company will work decisively towards measurable goals, especially ones that company personnel can support. Doing this requires strong collaboration.

Here at Qwick, our objective is to bridge the gap between labor needs and those seeking flexible work opportunities through our professional platform for the hospitality industry. Our whole team is working towards one North-star goal that guides and motivates us. 

2. Opportunities for Growth and Development 

Receiving a paycheck is one thing. Having the opportunity to develop crucial skills needed to succeed in a competitive landscape is another. A modern workplace environment should provide a comprehensive program with opportunities for more responsibilities and advancement. 

Qwick provides the perfect opportunity for finding competitive positions with opportunities for advancement. Check out our open positions to find the right path for your career.

3. Fairness

There is no shame in standing up for yourself if you believe that company management is treating you unfairly. Whether this relates to a lack of recognition or a dispute with a coworker, a company that values fairness will level the playing field between all parties. Ensure that your selected company has transparent leadership who treats their employees like adults and sees everyone as equals.

One of Qwick’s cultural values is “stand up for what’s right”. We don’t just do the right thing, but we hold others accountable do act with integrity as well. Our cultural values are not just words on a wall, they are the way in which we show up and interact with one another each and every day. 

4. Work-Life Balance

Companies that make an honest effort to help employees find a balance between their obligations and personal needs will develop an engaged team with better results. In fact, companies with an engaged workforce are 21% more profitable. Keep your distance from companies with toxic work environments that have no regard for their employees’ health.

At Qwick, we have an unlimited PTO policy, paid family leave, work-from-home flexibility, and a four-day workweek to promote a healthy work-life balance for all employees. We are all human, and we’re proud to foster a culture that puts people first. 

5. Leadership

Before asking, “What makes a company good to work for?”, ask yourself whether or not your selected business is led by qualified personnel. Great leaders foster strong workforces, implement strategic objectives, and continue to find ways to enhance performance. Your company’s leadership should focus on people, growth, and collaboration.  

People really care about each other here. When someone is going through a tough time, leadership is the first to dive in to try and help.

-Qwick Employee

6. Transparency

A great company should always look for ways to establish trust and goodwill with employees, customers, and stakeholders. From a management perspective, this means communicating with employees on matters involving objectives, budgeting, and other work-related concerns. The key is to keep everyone in the loop. 

“[At Qwick] there is no pulling rank to make a decision, and we are treated like adults with information about things other companies would hide away for only select groups of individuals (financial information, fundraising, hiring/firing philosophies, etc). We are encouraged every day to make critical decisions for the company as we are all steering this big ship.”

-Qwick Employee

7. Enjoyment

A quality work setting should be characterized by an environment that is both joyful and lively to work at. This can mean establishing friendships with co-workers, opening up to one another, and having the ability to truly be yourself.

Forming strong relationships (and properly celebrating our wins) is so important to the team at Qwick that we bring employees from across the country together twice a year for a special team retreat. View a recap of one here

8. Competitive Salaries

In today’s ever-growing competitive job market, a competitive salary affects job retention rates. Does the salary match your expectations? Additionally, a company with a strong workforce should offer quality healthcare options and other employee-designed benefits.

Qwick offers competitive compensation, and we’re proud to pay employees at the 60th percentile (something only the top 15% of companies do). We review compensation regularly to ensure we’re paying fairly given adjusting roles, responsibilities, and market rates. 

9. Open Communication

Open communication is at the pinnacle of a quality work setting. From top to bottom, every employee must maintain clear communication to establish trust, resolve problems, and produce an environment with an openness to change, and new ideas. 

“We are currently working towards a company-wide practice of giving and receiving feedback, at the moment or soon thereafter… both positive reinforcement as well as growth opportunities, while always assuming positive intent.”

-Qwick Employee

Want to experience a great place to work? Join the Qwick Team!

That’s right, Qwick, is a certified “Great Place to Work”!

We take pride in our unique company culture, strong values, and people-first way of doing business. Our employees truly make us who we are. If you’re looking to join a dynamic team of skilled, passionate individuals, check out our open roles

Learn more about our services and help bridge the gap between employee needs and labor demands. 

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