The restaurant industry isn’t the only one facing a labor shortage. It can be a huge challenge to find stadium staffing, too. If you are only finding teenagers looking to make money on nights or weekends but are seeking professionals, you’ve come to the right place!

Our stadium staffing guide explains where to find highly motivated individuals and how to capture their interest with a well-written job description. Read on!

Places To Find Concession Staffing 

We’ve all been there — it’s the fourth quarter and you want a warm carton of buttery popcorn for the road or something to wash down those salty peanuts, but the concession stand line seems to be a mile long.

This is stressful for customers and even more stressful for stadium workers and their employers who want to meet the desires of their rambunctious home team fans.

Keep those concession lines under control with reliable staff from the following stadium staffing solution.

Job Boards

Not surprisingly, we’re starting this list with an option you might’ve already considered — job boards. The following job board sites are popular and draw a mass of skilled workers, allowing you to draw from a wide pool of candidates.

Of course, there are other job boards that are available that can help you find reliable workers, which leads us to another option: college job boards.

College Job Boards

Concession staff often include college workers looking to earn some extra cash during the school year or while they’re out of school for the summer. Responsible college students are capable of successfully running a concession stand, and college job boards sponsored by the school are excellent resources for stadium staffing.

You can reach out to a local university’s administration to inquire if your job posting could be included on their student job board. This is an easy way to find individuals seeking work. 

We won’t lie — sometimes job boards are a hit or miss. It takes a lot of time sorting through the tens, if not hundreds, of applications. And, if you don’t properly vet applicants, you could run the risk of high turnover rates. Thankfully, we have one other option that we think you’ll like, as well as a guide to writing stadium worker job descriptions to find the best of the best.


Want the best solution for stadium staffing? Check out Qwick –– the on-demand food and beverage industry staffing platform. Qwick connects businesses with quality Professionals looking for work in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

After becoming a Business Partner, you will be able to post open shifts on our platform for qualified Professionals to fill. Whether it’s for today or two weeks from now, you can find help with Qwick.

Qwick Professionals, who are pre-vetted, get open shifts sent directly to their phones along with all of the important shift details. If it works with their schedule, they can choose to accept it. We text them reminders to confirm attendance at various intervals ahead of a shift, and they can clock in and out of the shift with ease using the Qwick app. 

After a shift, Business Partners are able to rate Qwick Professionals on the quality of their work and can even create a custom pool of high-rated individuals to request for shifts in the future.

It’s easy to sign up, and creating an account is free! Just fill out some brief info about your business and you will be on your way. It’s really that simple.

Stadium Worker Job Description

Now you know where to look for stadium staff. Next, let’s discuss how to write a compelling job description to attract high-quality professionals.

Important stadium staffing qualifications to include in a stadium worker job description include:

Besides requirements, you will also want to list any benefits such as discounted stadium tickets, discounts on food and drinks, etc. that are included in the position. Don’t forget to list the hourly wage. Job listings that omit the wage are often quickly dismissed. Stay away from the boring and dry job description and add some creativity to it for the best results.

Sample Concession Stand Worker Job Description

Here is an example of a creative stadium worker job description. You can use this as a baseline and tweak it to fit your company.

Concession Stand Worker

Wage: $15/hour

If you are quick on your feet and love juggling multiple tasks, then come work for XYZ Stadium’s concession stand. We are looking for talented new workers who love the smell of fresh popcorn as much as we do! 

Serve customers with a smile on nights and weekends in this role. You will be taking orders, making food, serving beverages, and cashiering. Prior experience as a cashier is preferred.


Please send your resume to [email protected] for consideration.

A job description that is both fun and informative will draw the most candidates to your role. If posting on job boards just doesn’t seem to be working for you, read on for another place to find stadium staff.

Use Qwick for Stadium Staffing 

Job boards, college fairs — there are numerous places to find concession staff. But if you’re in a pinch to staff this weekend’s home game bonanza, Qwick has your back.

We make stadium staffing simple. Our platform is a trusted and efficient way to fill open shifts at your concession stand. Trust us to do the interviewing and to find the most qualified Professionals for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Qwick app today. Schedule a free call with us to chat about your business and how you could benefit from our service. We would love to get you started posting open shifts.

Ready to take the next step? Become a Qwick Business Partner today!

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