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Are you looking for a job that is both interesting and fast-paced? Being a concession stand worker may be the perfect fit for you! This role involves a variety of tasks, from customer service and taking orders to preparing food and handling transactions. 

Concession stand workers are a vital part of the sports stadium experience. They are the friendly faces that deliver much-needed refreshments and occasional banter.

If you are interested in becoming a concession attendant, keep reading to learn more about the concession worker job description. We will also share how much concession attendants make and what skills are needed to be successful. 

So grab some popcorn, and read this guide to becoming a concession stand worker!

What is a Concession Stand Worker?

A concession worker is the person who works at the concession stands, or counter area of an amusement park, stadium, sports arena, or movie theater. The term concession stand is sometimes used to describe the small temporary structures found in carnivals and other outdoor events where food items are sold.

A concession stand worker typically operates within the guidelines established by a specific park or company, but may also come under stricter health guidelines if they are located near or between public spaces.

Concession Worker Job Description

The responsibilities of a concession stand worker shouldn’t be taken lightly. Extended periods of standing, heavy lifting, food preparation, as well as customer relations are normal parts of the job. Job descriptions for concession attendant jobs will typically list the duties, requirements, wages, and other relevant information such as scheduling. 

No formal education is required to become a concession worker, but a high school diploma is typically preferred by employers. 

Concession Worker Duties

Concession worker job descriptions may vary from business to business, but in general, here are some responsibilities of the role: 

If you are able to manage these responsibilities or are confident you could learn to, becoming a concession stand attendant might be the right fit for you. Read on to learn several must-have skills for concession stand workers. 

Must-Have Concession Attendant Skills

How do you succeed as a concession stand attendant? The concession worker job description requires a variety of skill sets depending on the type of concession stand and location.

This position requires many skills including: 

  1. Attention-to-Detail. Concession workers must be able to follow directions for making food and follow company policies, such as health guidelines.
  2. Customer Service. Providing excellent customer service is a huge part of the concession attendant role. You must be able to communicate effectively and handle customers in high-stress environments.
  3. Collaboration. Concession attendants need to be able to work well on a team. It takes multiple people working together to handle the crowds many concession stands face.
  4. Communication Skills. Concession attendants should be effective communicators both to customers and each other while on the clock. 
  5. Multitasking. Just like a fast-food worker, you will need to be nimble and able to multitask effectively. Likely, concession workers will be working on filling multiple orders at once during their shifts. 

How Much Does a Concession Stand Worker Make?

There is a wide range in the salary for concession workers from one part of the country to another, so location should be a factor when looking at projected wage information.

The average hourly pay for concession workers in the U.S. is $12.86 per hour, or $29,928 per year, according to Indeed. Salaries range from $27,440 to $40,113 per year, depending on the location. 

Depending on the employer, concession stand employees may have benefits such as flexible schedules, paid time off, employee discounts, health insurance, dental insurance, or disability insurance. 

Job Outlook for Concession Stand Workers

The job outlook for concession workers is very good because there will always be a need for food and beverage preparation and sales staff to work at temporary locations, such as amusement parks, stadiums, and other outdoor locations. As pandemic restrictions also start to relax, more of these events are expected to resurface in the future. 

Jobs for concession workers are expected to increase by 17% from 2020 to 2030. Many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace staff who will transfer to another role or exit the workforce.

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