Unique company culture

Great company culture is something you can’t fake. And creating a genuinely unique culture that supports an ideal work-life balance for our diverse group of individuals is a challenge we gladly accept at Qwick. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Qwick’s employees have recognized (for the second time!) us as a Great Place to Work®!

The global authority, Great Place to Work®, uses validated employee feedback to name companies with the best work-life balance. It’s an honor to be recognized by them for our people-first company culture.

We are doing our part to ensure every single employee feels heard, valued, and has a sense of belonging because we know how important it is to love what you do.

Read on to learn more about why we love Qwick and how we continue to learn and grow to foster a healthy, engaging, and inclusive workspace.

What Our Great Place to Work® Certification Means for Employees

So, what does this certification mean for current and future Qwick employees? It means we are dedicated to creating a unique company culture that is rooted in inclusion, collaboration, and putting people first.

We hope this certification gives future employees the confidence to choose us for their next career move. The Qwick team is genuinely a team of open-minded, self-motivated individuals always looking to learn, support, laugh, and grow. We’d love for you to explore the possibility of joining our team, so please take a look at the open positions that are currently available.

Unique company culture

Why Qwick is Among The Best Tech Startups to Work At

Q&A With The Team

Let’s dig into why Qwick is a certified Great Place to Work®! When we asked the team what makes working at Qwick great, we received the following responses:

Unique company culture

“Everyone on the team is constantly willing to learn and improve, and each member of the team is kind, creative, and genuine. They make me excited to come to work every day!”

Unique company culture

“Qwick is like an all-star team. I’m surrounded by people that are incredibly bright, driven, and passionate about their trade. I feel motivated and inspired by the people I get to work with and love coming in each day to learn from them.”

Unique company culture

“The environment is amazing. Everyone is so motivated and driven to work hard because they believe in what the company is doing!”

Unique company culture

“Qwick is surrounded by amazing people. From the Professionals that work shifts on the platform to the Business Partners who post them, our investors, and our incredible team. Every day you feel inspired to serve the people around you.”

Key Benefits of Working at Qwick

There are so many other benefits of working at Qwick, and hopefully, these give you a better idea of the positive work environment we dedicate ourselves to maintaining!

How Qwick Fosters a Positive Work Environment

Strong company culture and a positive working environment are constant top priorities of our leadership team. We truly put people first and want employees to wake up and be happy to come to work each day. That’s why we focus on fostering an energetic, supportive, and positive work environment. We put a lot of energy into celebrating failures and wins, providing opportunities for constant growth, regularly giving props for great work, and planning fun team activities in and out of the office. We provide a sense of belonging for all of our employees.

Trust Index Survey Results

This year’s Great Place to Work® Trust Index Survey revealed some pretty fantastic results. Each work concept is rated out of 100% using the data secured by Great Place to Work®. Here is how employees feel about working at Qwick.

100% on Great Place to Work® Statement. Every employee agreed with the statement: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”

100% on Team. All employees are happy with the team aspect of the workplace and feel like everyone is willing to give extra to benefit the team.

98% on Collaboration. Employees rate Qwick positively on team collaboration and leadership engagement.

99% on Equity & Justice. The team scored Qwick very positively on our equity and justice efforts.

100% on Engagement. All employees agree that we live out Qwick’s cultural values through ownership mentality and feel engaged in our work.

A unique company culture is hard to find, but you will never want to leave once you find it! Qwick cares immensely about the well-being and happiness of our employees. We’re proud to see our work recognized by Great Place to Work as one of the companies with the best work-life balance, and we will continue to foster growth in a positive working environment.

We are always looking for new team members to join the Qwick family and make an impact every day.

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