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Work One of These San Francisco Gigs for Extra Cash

Work One of These San Francisco Gigs for Extra Cash
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People love San Francisco because of the mild weather, world-class dining, and vibrant mix of cultures.

As one of the country’s top food destinations, cultural centers, and technology hubs, the ‘City by the Bay’ has something for everyone. Unfortunately, the high cost of living has forced many to leave the Bay Area in recent years, but as the economic impact of the pandemic levels out, people are moving back to San Francisco.

If you’re currently living in SF or thinking of relocating there, the reality is that you’ll deal with higher prices than the national average. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from living and working in one of America’s most iconic cities. All you need is a little extra cash.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to find the best part-time, flexible gigs to earn extra money and make life in San Francisco that much sweeter.

Types of San Francisco gigs

Many businesses in the San Francisco area offer hundreds of opportunities for flexible gigs and positions. But while demand and opportunities are high, the competition is fierce.

Finding the best gigs can be challenging as more people crave control over their work schedules. Here are the top five types of flexible gigs you can find in San Francisco:


Thousands of families need help with nannying, childcare, or babysitting services. These positions are incredibly flexible and can range from a few hours a week to full-time. You can find nannying shifts through online job boards or unique platforms that connect families to those with childcare experience.

Some positions may require formal training in childcare, but the essential criteria for this type of position are past experiences and a list of references. Some families might also ask that you present a driver’s license, criminal background check, and CPR certification.


The country’s two biggest ride-share services, Uber and Lyft, were launched in San Francisco and have their headquarters there. So, it’s no wonder that drive and ride-share services are a big part of the gig economy in the Bay Area.

A big advantage of picking up these shifts is that you get complete autonomy over your schedule and can choose when and how much to work. While some people drive full-time, others do it on the side for extra cash.

To qualify as a driver, you’ll need a registered vehicle, car insurance, a valid driver’s license, and to pass a criminal and driving history check.


San Francisco boasts one of the country’s best nightlife scenes, with thousands of bars and pubs lining various entertainment districts. The city’s bustling bar scene offers many opportunities to pick up evening or weekend shifts to earn extra money.

For these types of gigs, experience is a must, and most places won’t offer placements to anyone without any. A degree or certificate in mixology also helps, so if you’re considering attending bartending school, it will give you a leg up on the competition.

But just because you have the experience, finding bartending gigs can still be challenging due to competition. Or, it might be hard to commit to a set schedule given other priorities and commitments you have. 

That’s why many bartenders are turning to platforms like Qwick. Once you sign up, Qwick matches you to bartending (and other) shifts that fit your skillset and your schedule. You accept the shifts you want to work, and can get paid as soon as 30 minutes after clocking out! 

Work in a restaurant 

The food scene in San Francisco is just as thriving, and the city is home to dozens of world-class Michelin Star restaurants, not to mention thousands of locals and tourists hungry for an epicurean adventure. Finding restaurant shifts in front and back of house roles is a great way to make quick money in San Francisco.  

Businesses look for prior service or kitchen experience and might prioritize anyone with degrees or certifications in culinary arts or hospitality. 

If you have at least one year of F+B experience, consider signing up for Qwick. Whether you’re a server, busser, food runner, dishwasher, or line cook, you can enjoy extra earnings and a flexible schedule by using Qwick to match with gigs near you. 

Event help

There’s always an event happening in San Francisco. Finding weekend shifts and part-time gigs at different event venues, festivals, or celebrations is another way to earn a little extra money.

Event help positions are more versatile and require you to be comfortable jumping into various roles, from food and customer service to assembly, organization, and cleanup. Previous experience with different events is what most people look for in workers. 

You can find great event gigs on the Qwick app as well, with frequent shifts available for opportunities to work as a banquet server, event help, general laborer, and more. 

Find great San Francisco gigs with Qwick

Developed by hospitality experts, the Qwick platform is our response to an industry needing more flexibility in the way that it works. Qwick matches experienced hospitality freelancers with available positions that fit their skills, providing an easy way to find flexible work in San Francisco. 

Plus, you never know what’s going to come out of a gig. Take it from San Francisco-based freelancer, Alejandro F., who’s worked over 65 shifts with Qwick. When asked about his favorite part of the platform he said, “Being a freelancer for Qwick has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and work for local companies who have given me a chance for potential full-time hiring opportunities.” 

Start earning with Qwick

If you want to find gigs in San Francisco to earn extra cash, you’re in the right place.

Qwick’s platform eliminates the tedious steps of searching, applying, and waiting to hear back from job applications. With Qwick, San Francisco gigs come straight to you to accept or decline, so you can control your schedule and your earning potential. 

Need some extra cash in San Francisco? Sign up with Qwick and get started today!

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