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How Post Exchange Catering Fills More Orders + Saves on Labor With Qwick

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Agile staffing with Qwick allows Post Exchange Catering to fulfill more orders and reduce labor costs.

At a glance

Atlanta’s top caterer found a flexible staffing solution that created extra business benefits.

Seasonality, tourism, holidays, and special events are among the many forces that keep the hospitality industry nimble. Caterers know it best, and with more than thirty years in the business, Post Exchange Catering has made a name in Atlanta creating custom experiences and memorable meals. With each job and each day requiring a varying number of staff, Owner Rick Leigh turns to Qwick to flexibly customize his team—a solution that has cut his labor costs, too.

About Post Exchange Catering

An Atlanta caterer that crafts meals to give back

Since 1993, Post Exchange Catering has operated with a dedication to serving others as its driving force. The family-owned company fuels fellow businesses across ATL with energizing meals, and also supports the broader community by giving back to local organizations that make meaningful impact on a monthly basis.

The challenge

How does a caterer staff for varying event and order sizes?

Post Exchange Catering delivers meals for corporate functions in addition to creating fully staffed and catered events. With a different level of preparation and staffing required for each job, their needs consistently fluctuate. When the pandemic hit, Post Exchange saw a large portion of business disappear, followed by its staff leaving as there were so few hours available. After a few months, they began to experience large spikes in orders on random days, but the unpredictability made staffing extremely difficult.

A Qwick solution

Flexible staffing with Qwick helps Post Exchange Catering navigate changing demands, and save on overall labor expenses.

After first trying Qwick in 2019, Rick turned to the platform to staff precisely for the fluctuating orders Post Exchange Catering experienced during the pandemic, and now uses Qwick regularly to meet daily needs. This unprecedented flexibility has not only empowered the company with the ability to fulfill more orders—it's also saved Rick staffing costs: “Our overall labor expense has actually decreased as we no longer need to provide hours for the large number of staff we needed to be able to handle the business each day. Now we only schedule for the work at hand.”

With his frequent use of Qwick, Rick has even connected with freelancers who were such a good fit, they were hired on as permanent employees. (On the Qwick platform, there are no conversion fees if you want to hire someone full-time.)

Additionally, Rick has built up a custom pool of more than 90 preferred freelancers that he trusts to help his business during especially busy times.

Our overall labor expense has actually decreased as we no longer need to provide hours for the large number of staff we needed to be able to handle the business each day.

Three years of partnership

500 shifts and counting...

It takes dedication and talent to pull off memorable catered meals and events, and Post Exchange Catering is able to do so with a network of experienced hospitality freelancers they can tap into to meet the needs of each day. The company has used Qwick to fill more than 500 shifts, including regular roles like line cooks and banquet servers. Freelancers are satisfied working for Post Exchange Catering, too—the business maintains an impressive 4.95 rating for the positive and gratifying environment Rick and his team have created.

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