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Finding the Best Gigs in Charlotte, NC

Finding the Best Gigs in Charlotte, NC
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As the country’s 15th biggest city, Charlotte has become one of the premier destinations in the American southeast by preserving a small-town feel in a thriving metropolitan area.

With median incomes above the US national average and the cost of living slightly below, it’s no wonder why more people are considering Charlotte an attractive place to work and live.

Whether you’re already in Charlotte, thinking of moving there, or just passing through, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best positions in Queen City.

Where are good gigs in Charlotte?

Charlotte has a vibrant hospitality sector. The city’s Uptown district (downtown Charlotte) is home to many high-end establishments, and the city offers plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, and golf courses where you can find gigs or pick up a few extra shifts.

But even though the work is there, knowing exactly where to look or how to find the best gigs in Charlotte isn’t always easy. If you’re new to the industry or are a professional looking for stable, reliable work, here are some things to keep in mind.

Seek out a reputable company

Always look for companies with a proven track record of professionalism. The better a company takes care of its employees, the higher the likelihood you’ll enjoy your time working there. Be sure to do your research and look at reviews online from previous or current staff. 

Flexible work

If you’re a professional in the hospitality industry, chances are you value your autonomy a lot. That’s why the best positions offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your hours to a schedule that works for you. Work flexibility makes it easy to find weekend gigs or pick up extra shifts without constantly moving things around to make yourself available.

Consistent work

Of course, consistency is also important. While flexible work gives you more choices, the best gigs are the ones that offer regular, consistent opportunities to make sure you’re not left without work when you need it.

The advantage of Qwick for finding gigs in Charlotte

The days of searching for work in classified ads are well behind us, especially for hospitality gigs. Developed by industry insiders, the Qwick platform matches experienced hospitality professionals with thousands of reputable businesses offering shifts at competitive rates.

You no longer have to spend countless hours figuring out where to look for work, vetting companies, or sifting through job ads that don’t suit your skills and talents. Qwick brings shifts right to your phone for you to easily accept or decline—you decide! 

Fill your schedule with flexible gigs near you

After signing up with Qwick, completing your profile, and attending a brief virtual orientation, you’ll start being matched to shifts that fit your skill set. From there, you get to make your own schedule and accept the ones you want to work. Expect to see gigs all across the Charlotte metro area. 

Get paid in as little as 30 minutes 

That’s right! Gone are the days of having to wait two weeks for a paycheck. With Qwick, you can get paid just 30 minutes after working a gig. Plus, Qwick advocates for livable wages for all shifts posted to the platform, so you can feel good knowing that the wages you’re earning on the platform are in line with Charlotte’s living wage. 

Access gigs across more than 20 F+B shift types 

You know what your skills and talents are, and we know the top available gigs across the hospitality industry that match them. All you have to do is let us connect you!

Depending on your experience and expertise, Qwick can match you with gigs such as:

  • Front of house roles — server, bartender, food runner, and more
  • Back of house roles — dishwasher, line cook, chef, and more
  • Catering and events roles — including banquets and concessions

Great work gets you more work 

After each gig, you get to rate the shift and how you liked working with the business, and they get to rate you. This two-way rating system allows us to learn which gigs you love working, and reward you with even more shifts at places that also rated you highly. 

Find gigs in Charlotte, NC with Qwick

At Qwick, we know how hospitality works. And if your to-do list includes finding hospitality gigs in Charlotte we can help with that too.

Whether you’re in North Carolina temporarily and want to pick up a few shifts or are looking for consistent work in Charlotte, sign up as a professional wth Qwick and get started today.

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