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How This School's Dishwashing Fill Rate Jumped from 20% to 99%

How This School's Dishwashing Fill Rate Jumped from 20% to 99%
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Arizona Culinary Institute’s dishwasher staffing struggles went down the drain thanks to Qwick. 

At a glance 

From failing fill rates to A+ staffing

Between day and night culinary classes, plus lunch and dinner services in their student-run restaurant, there’s always a steady stream of dishes to be done at the Arizona Culinary Institute. Unfortunately, staffing dishwashers was easier said than done, and the school struggled with a frustratingly low 20% fill rate for dish shifts. That is, before Qwick came along. 

About Arizona Culinary Institute

Scottsdale's premier culinary school

Established in 2001 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Arizona Culinary Institute is an esteemed institution dedicated to nurturing culinary excellence. Offering a comprehensive curriculum including culinary arts, baking, and restaurant management, the school prides itself on delivering a blend of personalized instruction, hands-on learning, and small class sizes. Or as they say, “Small school feel. Big school results.” Thanks to their commitment to practical education, students leave ACI not just with a diploma but with the real-world experience needed to be successful in their careers. 

The challenge

A dish pit dilemma

The Arizona Culinary Institute has faced difficulties staffing across the board, but one shift was particularly challenging to staff: dishwashers. With less than a 20% fill rate for dishwashing shifts, ACI President and Founder Robert W. knew they had to find a reliable solution. “Dishwashers are the most important job in the building because without a proper dishwasher, everything kind of stops,” he said. ACI tried a number of staffing agencies, including one that specialized in dishwashers, but each yielded unsatisfactory results. Workers would show up late and often unprepared for the role, requiring staff to take time away from their duties for unexpected on-the-job training. In some instances, workers would even disappear mid-shift. If ACI was lucky enough to have a dishwasher show up on time, they often lacked the skills needed to be successful and perform the job independently. 

Dishwashers are the most important job in the building because without a proper dishwasher, everything kind of stops.

A Qwick solution

Reliable fill rates and highly rated industry talent

Robert discovered Qwick through a student who worked shifts on the platform as a banquet server. Immediately upon creating a free account, ACI gained access to a network of over 107,000 vetted hospitality professionals in the Phoenix area. After transitioning to Qwick, dishwashing shift fill rates soared to an impressive 99%. 

Not only were the shifts reliably being filled, but there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of talent. Qwick vets each professional with a multi-step process and requires a minimum of one year of hospitality experience. With a selective acceptance rate of 20%, shifts are filled with only the best industry talent. In fact, Robert met multiple dishwashers on the platform that he offered full-time roles. Even if talent wasn’t able to join the team full-time, they were added to ACI’s custom talent pool, allowing them to easily be invited back to future shifts. As a result of their partnership with Qwick, the institute no longer struggles to fill dishwashing shifts, and their classes and restaurant run more smoothly. 

A continued partnership

Six months and many dishwashing shifts later...

Arizona Culinary Institute has found a dependable partner in Qwick, allowing the school to effectively meet its dishwashing staffing requirements. With over 70 shifts filled through the platform to date, the institute has experienced a significant enhancement in operational efficiency and reliability. Impressively, Qwick professionals have garnered an average rating of 4.8/5 stars from ACI, a testament to their dependability and skill. Arizona Culinary Institute’s collaboration with Qwick ensures a seamless and dependable solution for staffing critical dishwashing shifts, thereby facilitating uninterrupted operations and fostering a conducive learning environment for its students.

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