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The Cleveland Cinema Filling 100+ Shifts a Month with Qwick Professionals

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Qwick's innovative staffing solution transformed this dine-in theatre's business operations and culture.

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Unexpected benefits from an unconventional hospitality staffing solution

Running a standard movie theatre is hard enough, but a luxury dine-in theatre is even more so. When Silverspot Cinema’s General Manager, Sheldon Lewis, found himself severely understaffed due to employee turnover, he turned to traditional staffing agencies, but their crew wasn’t cutting it. He soon upgraded to Qwick and leveraged the platform’s flexible staffing service to complement and revive Silverspot Cinema’s team for large events, last-minute cancellations, and to fill scheduling gaps on a regular basis. Not only did this reduce stress around securing the right number of hands each day, but the venue was delighted by the skill level of Qwick professionals, leading to Sheldon hiring some onto his team full-time.

About Silverspot Cinema

Cleveland’s leading boutique cinema redefines film experiences with gourmet dining. 

Silverspot Cinema is a leading boutique cinema that delivers an enhanced, hassle-free entertainment experience. The theatre offers a sophisticated atmosphere and diverse films, including traditional Hollywood releases, independent films, and award-winning foreign films. 

The dedicated staff at Silverspot Cinema is committed to providing superior service, ensuring that guests feel welcome and attended to throughout their entire movie experience. To enhance enjoyment, Silverspot offers a chef-inspired menu featuring freshly made food that caters to various tastes. Guests can also indulge in craft beer, wine, and signature cocktails to complement their movie selection.

With a focus on creating memorable moments and offering a unique blend of entertainment and dining, Silverspot Cinema is a destination where guests can immerse themselves in high-quality films and exceptional hospitality.

The challenge

Undependable temp agencies and loopholes in conventional interviewing procedures made it difficult to hire effectively.

Silverspot found itself understaffed with only 5 team members left out of a team that was once 60 strong. They’d used traditional temp agencies in the past but noticed the quality of the workers provided was inconsistent. The cinema needed a dependable staffing solution to ensure smooth operations and maintain its commitment to exceptional service. 

In an evolving industry where many employees prefer to work shorter hours, recruiting was difficult. And even when a full-time hire was onboarded, the skills presented during the interview process didn’t always align with actual job performance—a common challenge that many businesses face. 

A Qwick solution

The hospitality platform streamlined Silverspot Cinema’s recruiting, hiring, training, and staffing processes.

Sheldon, General Manager at Silverspot in Cleveland, discovered Qwick through a cold call. After creating an account, he gained instant access to Qwick’s easy-to-use platform and vast network of talent to staff in three different ways for his business:

  • In advance: Posting shifts 2-3 weeks ahead to ensure there’s enough personnel for large movie releases
  • On-demand: Filling last-minute shifts when staff from his full-time team call-out
  • Recurring shifts: Supporting any gaps that are unfilled on his full-time team 

"Qwick helped change the culture at Silverspot and quickly became an answer—and a better answer—than many alternatives,” said Sheldon. “Qwick professionals are seasoned professionals who have experience doing the task requested of them, which allows them to perform efficiently.” Of course, this is no coincidence. The platform ensures all freelancers have the required skill sets, prior experience, and necessary certifications for each role so businesses can staff confidently. 

Each shift with a new Qwick professional presented a bonus, as Sheldon could examine each freelancer’s capabilities on-site and identify people whom he might want to extend a full-time offer. In fact, he’s hired almost 10 Qwick freelancers thus far. This saves valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on vetting and training potential employees that may or may not stick around long-term. 

Qwick professionals are seasoned professionals who have experience doing the task requested of them, which allows them to perform efficiently.

870 shifts later and counting… 

Cinematic experiences come to fruition with the help of Qwick professionals and the Qwick HQ team.  

When delivering an upscale moviegoing experience, getting reliable staff whenever needed is an important piece of the puzzle. That’s why Silverspot Cinema has filled over 870 shifts with Qwick professionals in less than nine months and has entirely stopped using temp agencies. 

One aspect that helped Sheldon get acquainted with the platform was the real-time customer support from real people. “Operationally, using Qwick has been a seamless process. Even when there are one-off issues, the Qwick team always jumps in to help resolve those,” Sheldon praised the Qwick support team. “I’ve been advocating other Silverspot locations to use Qwick.”

Upon signup, each business gains access to our support team, including a nearly 24-hour text line and passionate account managers. After all, great service is what Qwick does best. 

Get started with Qwick 

Close the curtain on understaffing 

Silverspot Cinemas credits Qwick with helping to turn their business around, and it can do the same for you. 

Whether you’re preparing for a large influx of foot traffic or want to use a hiring channel with top talent that majorly increases the likelihood of retention, tap into Qwick’s network of professionals. Creating an account is always free and takes just a few minutes.

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