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A Snapshot of Qwick’s Freelancers + Why They Choose Gig Work

A Snapshot of Qwick’s Freelancers + Why They Choose Gig Work
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Imagine going to an energizing, new workplace every day with opportunities to grow your network and practice valuable skills while learning new ones. That’s just one example of why Qwick’s network of freelancers chooses to create their own schedules with shift-based hospitality opportunities.

Recently, we surveyed more than 3,400 Qwick freelancers nationwide to learn about their lifestyles and how they relate to shift-based work so we can evolve to best meet the needs of our talented hospitality network. Whether you’re considering staffing with Qwick, or have dozens of shifts under your belt already, here’s a little more about who our freelancers are and why they enjoy the freedom of Qwick.

Gig worker demographics

One of the many benefits of freelance work is that it can fit into any stage of life. While the millennial generation makes up the majority of Qwick freelancers, those Gen X and later account for a large population of our network—more than 34% are age 43 and above.

Qwick is dedicated to serving those who serve us, and our network represents the diversity of the hospitality industry. In a 2022 survey, when asked what ethnicity our freelancers identified as, 35% shared Black or African American, 30.5% said White, and 19% reported Latino or Hispanic. As a company, Qwick encourages and supports a free to be us mentality where we embrace diversity within mindsets, ethnicities, ideas, cultures, and backgrounds, and are proud to provide opportunities to such a diverse community.

Since gig work means picking up shifts when and where you want, it allows freelancers to fit it into their evolving schedules, including other work, time spent with family and friends, travel, and more. 67% of freelancers surveyed said they have another full or part-time job outside of Qwick, and 50% said they typically begin scheduling shifts 2-4 days in advance. 16% even use Qwick while traveling to other cities!

Why hospitality gig work?

Qwick serves the hospitality industry across 23 US cities, and that means our network of freelancers is expansive, as well. From supporting world-renowned restaurant kitchens and banquets at five-star hotels, to pitching in at famous stadiums to serve tens of thousands of attendees on game day, freelancers enjoy a range of shift options.

The opportunities and experiences available on the Qwick platform are so satisfying that 61% of freelancers only use Qwick to pick up shifts and don’t seek work on other apps. The top reasons freelancers reported choosing gig work include:

  • So they can make their own schedule
  • To find more opportunities and network
  • To pay off financial obligations
  • To practice and learn new skills
  • So they can be their own boss

Dynamic opportunities and the freedom to make their own schedule just scratch the surface of perks freelancers get from using Qwick. In the survey, 86% said freelancing has a positive impact on their physical health, 87% said it positively impacts their mental health, and 78% shared it allows them to have stronger personal relationships.

61% of freelancers only use Qwick to pick up shifts

Qwick freelancers are verified and vetted to share their talent across the hospitality industry, and businesses benefit from our skilled network. The platform’s two-way rating system ensures business partners and freelancers alike are matched with the talent and shifts that best fit their needs. In fact, on a 5-point scale, Qwick freelancers have earned an average 4.69 rating from businesses!

The future of shift-based work

The popularity of gig work is not slowing down. When asked how often they will take shift-based work, 74% of freelancers said they will take more shifts in 2023 compared to 2022, and 93% said they plan to freelance for the foreseeable future. And success is best when it’s shared—94% of freelancers surveyed said they would recommend freelance work and using Qwick to others. The benefits of shift-based hospitality work are abundant, and with more than 20 different shift types available, working with Qwick is easy. Find out how to join our network of talented freelancers here.

74% of freelancers said they will take more shifts in 2023

Celebrating service 

The dedication of the Qwick crew and how they benefit from flexible scheduling speaks for itself. Kevin H., a top Tampa Bay freelancer, has found Qwick to be a valuable networking resource, allowing him to further support the industry. He shared, “The best part of being a freelancer has been the ability to network all across the Tampa Bay area. I’ve met so many incredible co-workers who are now my close friends, and I’ve also made connections with business owners and managers that have led to greater opportunities.” 

When reflecting on his most memorable Qwick shifts, Kevin added, “It’s hard to choose just one shift, but there are some days where everyone’s energy blends so organically, the teamwork is smooth and seamless, and there is so much joy and satisfaction in the air that it feels like magic.”

Are you ready to meet our crew and level up your business with Qwick? Sign up and start filling shifts today!

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