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A 100% fill rate for last-minute shifts? It’s a reality for this Chicago venue and Qwick partner.

A 100% fill rate for last-minute shifts? It’s a reality for this Chicago venue and Qwick partner.
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When traditional staffing solutions fell short, Tishman Speyer turned to Qwick for a modern, reliable approach to event staffing.

At a glance

Leading real estate company finds a more reliable approach to event staffing in Chicago.

Tishman Speyer, a leading commercial real estate company, faced a series of headwinds when trying to find staff to work events at its West Loop Chicago property, 525 W Monroe. They needed a reliable, cost-effective solution that would streamline the process of finding skilled staff for monthly happy hour events and turned to Qwick for a solution. With Qwick, Gus Posner, ZO. Clubhouse Manager at Tishman Speyer is able to source staff more efficiently and optimize operational costs while maintaining the high standard of service expected at the property.

About Tishman Speyer

A real estate company with a robust portfolio of commercial properties and event venues

Tishman Speyer is a global real estate firm renowned for its commitment to building dynamic commercial spaces that foster innovation, sustainability, and hospitality. With an impressive portfolio of properties globally, Tishman Speyer takes pride in creating environments that bring people together and foster vibrant communities. 

The challenge

Traditional staffing solutions don’t meet the fluctuating needs of an event venue.

When difficulties finding reliable and qualified staff to work monthly happy hour events at 525 arose, Gus raced to find a solution. The traditional staffing agency route proved ineffective due to high costs, limited control over staffing decisions, and inability to deliver on last-minute needs. Gus knew there had to be a more flexible and efficient way to support the dynamic needs of ZO.’s event calendar. 

A Qwick solution

Qwick professionals help Tishman Speyer maintain an exceptional standard of service.

After a former colleague recommended Qwick as a solution for the company’s staffing challenges, Gus created a Qwick business account in November 2022. As a result, Gus can now post and edit shifts in real-time, even on-the-go, so ever-changing event needs are always met. Having direct access to Qwick’s network of skilled hospitality professionals  ensures shifts are filled promptly with qualified talent, eliminating the stress of having to find and train staff for last-minute events. 

By posting shifts on the Qwick platform as needs arise, Tishman Speyer sees significantly reduced operational costs compared to maintaining a full-time staff. This cost-effective approach to event staffing has allowed them to allocate resources more strategically and maximize overall business efficiency.

Not only is staffing no longer a time suck, but the high standard of service expected from any Tishman Speyer team member is maintained. "I like using Qwick because of the ‘favorites’ option when finding servers,” said Gus. “With Qwick, I can star my favorite servers and re-use them for all my events. Makes it easy for me to know that the people I am reaching out to are good workers." The more shifts you post and rate on Qwick, the bigger your custom pool of preferred professionals gets, making it easy to request people for future shifts.

With Qwick, I can star my favorite servers and re-use them for all my events. Makes it easy for me to know that the people I am reaching out to are good workers

A continued partnership

Eight months and many bartending shifts later… 

Qwick's partnership with Tishman Speyer has proven to be a game-changer for their event staffing needs. By leveraging Qwick's intuitive platform and unique features, the company has transformed the way they staff their events, saving time and resources.

Since signing up for Qwick in 2022, Tishman Speyer has achieved a 100% fill rate for their events and a stellar average shift rating of 5/5 stars from professionals. But professionals aren’t the only ones who enjoy these shifts, Tishman Speyer does too—rating Qwick professionals 5/5 stars on average.

Elevate your events with Qwick 

Create a free account and post your first shift today. 

Qwick’s extensive network of skilled hospitality professionals across the country offers event venues a seamless solution to expand their workforce and remain agile to accomodate fluctuating demand. Create a free account today to effortlessly connect with top talent across 20+ shift types, including bartenders, dishwashers, and event help, and unlock your event venue’s full potential.

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