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How This Senior Living Community's Dining Ops Went From 50 Short-Staffed to Thriving

How This Senior Living Community's Dining Ops Went From 50 Short-Staffed to Thriving
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When this senior living community found itself severely understaffed, residents’ dining options were at risk—until they found Qwick.

At a glance

The stakes are high when staffing senior living facilities. 

Food is a crucial component of our daily lives. It provides us energy, nutrition, variety, and joy—it even brings us together. Those who work or reside in senior living communities are well aware of how much food and dining services can influence one's overall well-being. That’s why when Beatitudes senior living campus found themselves in a place without enough staff to keep all of their dining options open for residents, they knew they needed to find a staffing solution, stat. Luckily, Beatitude Campus's Director of Dining Services, Joe Kane, turned to Qwick.

About Beatitudes Campus

A Phoenix senior living community like no other

The Beatitudes Campus, a nationally recognized leader in independent senior living, has been lovingly called home by Valley of the Sun seniors for almost 60 years. The community has been a top choice among Phoenix retirees due to its friendly atmosphere, numerous activities, and exceptional amenities. A bright spot in every resident’s day is a visit to one of the campus's five dining establishments, where they can fulfill every craving from a coffee at the cafe to a fine dining experience with friends.

The challenge

Without a full staff, Beatitudes couldn’t keep all its restaurants open for residents. 

Staffing five restaurants that can serve over 650 residents every meal is no easy feat, and that’s before you add in a challenging hospitality labor market or a global pandemic. In January 2021, the dining services team at Beatitudes found themselves more than 50 personnel short-staffed. Director of Dining Services, Joe Kane, reflected on that time, saying, “Our staffing got to the point where we were shrinking the number of restaurants that we had available to the residents.” Fewer restaurants mean less variety for residents, which is an important thing in senior living. Not only that, but it’s hard to provide quality, timely service when you’re understaffed, and it’s easy to burn people out—something every manager hopes to avoid. 

A Qwick solution

Tapping into a network of talented hospitality freelancers and a tech platform that makes it easy to schedule shifts whenever needed 

Joe had used other staffing partners in the past and was unimpressed with the quality of staff provided. With a primary need for line cooks, it’s imperative that workers' culinary talents can keep up with the needs of the Beatitudes Campus and its menus, which change weekly. 

After hearing about Qwick from colleagues in the industry, Joe took a call with the Qwick team to learn more about the platform and decided to give it a go. Almost immediately, he noted the immense difference in quality and was pleased to realize that the professionalism and skills of Qwick freelancers were leagues above what he’d experienced in the past. The best testament to this might be Beatitudes' average freelancer rating of 4.8/5 stars or the fact that they’ve posted shifts almost every month since they signed up for the platform—currently sitting at 250 shifts and counting. 

“Without Qwick, we’d probably have to shrink restaurants again and the hours thereof because I’m just not able to hire enough people,” said Joe. Luckily, Qwick is always there to help, so all of Beatitudes' restaurants can remain open, even if there are last-minute call-outs.

Without Qwick, we’d probably have to shrink restaurants again and the hours thereof because I’m just not able to hire enough people.

More than just filling shifts… 

Qwick reinvented the way this senior living facility hires full-time talent. 

Joe has also found value in Qwick as a hiring method for his team, as he can work with new people and determine if they’re a good match before offering them a full-time role. Unlike other staffing agencies with pesky 400-hour minimums, there are no conversion fees if you want to hire a freelancer full-time. Take Joe’s sous chef, for example. He started as a Qwick freelancer where Joe noticed his cooking abilities and leadership skills. “We saw his qualities while he was working in our fast-casual restaurant, and now he's running it,” reflects Joe telling one of his multiple success stories like this with Qwick.

We’re happy to report the feeling is mutual; Qwick freelancers love working with Joe and his team, too. The business ranks 4.9/5 stars, as rated by those who’ve worked a shift at the property.

Get started with Qwick 

See what the Qwick crew can do for your senior living facility. 

Join Joe and the Beatitudes team in a new way of staffing (and recruiting) talented line cooks, dishwashers, servers, and more for your senior living facility. Getting started is easy. Simply click the button below and fill out the form, and a team member will be in touch to walk you through posting your first shift.

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