As a fast-growing company, Qwick is no stranger to the hiring process. We see thousands of resumes come across our HR team’s desks every week. Anyone who’s going through a job interview or looking to hire knows, it’s a lot. So, we caught up with our Director of Recruiting, Melissa, and Recruiting Coordinator, Alexis, to get their best advice on how to stand out as an interviewee (or, depending on your position, things to look for while interviewing a candidate.) 

Be creative.  

You’re more than a list of achievements and skills on paper, so show it! A recent applicant at Qwick loves video production, so he utilized his videography skills to showcase not only how his business skills would positively impact Qwick, but also to capture his personality and show the hiring team why we would be lucky to have him. Not only did he completely stand out, he also got hired. 

Do your research. 

Interviewers know when you’ve looked up the company you’re applying for, and they especially know when you haven’t. Spending even 10 minutes poking around the company’s website, searching the web, and checking out their LinkedIn and social pages can go a long way when you’re talking to the place you’d like to work. 

“Also, be sure to cater your cover letter to the specific job and company you’re applying for. General cover letters don’t grab our attention and we want to read why you feel this position and Qwick is a perfect match to your skill set.” — Melissa 

Be personal. 

When you’re applying for jobs, it can seem like you’re just putting yourself out in a void, hoping to hear anything back. But remember that out in that void are real people who are receiving your application. Finding the recruiter or interviewer on LinkedIn (let’s keep it professional, right?) and sending them a short message to thank them for considering you can keep your name top of mind. 

Reach out. 

Applying for a job isn’t like dating in middle school. There’s no need to play coy games and see if they’ll get back to you first. Take some initiative and reach out to recruiters in a friendly, brief message. It can be as short as asking if there are any other materials or information you can send. 

“Reaching out not only shows your drive and ambition, but it also lets the hiring team know that you’re serious about the position.” — Alexis  

Be yourself. 

Most importantly, let your true colors shine through. At the end of the day, you’re trying to find a team you’ll enjoy working with and the company is doing the same. So, show off your knowledge of Mexican cuisine, your love of puns, or anything else that makes you, you!

 Think you’d be a great addition to the Qwick team, check out our current available career opportunities.

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  1. What should I expect to happen in the orientation process? Is a team hiring in unison or is the orientation to familiarize ourselves with the company and later on do we get to have a one on one analysis with a team member? Should I bring a resume? Or portfolio? I have orientation today and would like to know what to expect

    1. Hi, Marcel! Evie from Qwick here. Thanks for writing in! If you text 79425, we’ll be happy to answer any question you have and give you a better idea of what to expect at orientation 🙂

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