5 Places to Find Part-Time Bartending Jobs


Calling all mixed drink connoisseurs! If you’re looking to earn some extra cash on the weekends or just perfect your Moscow Mule, a part-time bartending gig may be the right job for you. But exactly how do you find these part-time bartending jobs? We have the answer! Read on to learn more about some of the best places to find part-time bartending jobs. 

5 Platforms for Part-Time Bartending Jobs

Save yourself time and effort. We’ve found five of the best platforms to find part-time bartending gigs. 


At Qwick, we’re all about bringing the jobs to you so you can spend more time mixing drinks and less time searching for your next gig. Using our app, you can easily select your interests and receive bartending shifts that work with your schedule. Simply accept the shifts that work for you and receive payment as little as 30 minutes after completing the shift. 

Qwick freelancers have the flexibility and freedom to create their own schedules, accept the shifts that catch their attention, and earn extra cash. You won’t have to keep checking your phone for a potential employer to call you or checking your bank account, waiting for that bi-weekly paycheck to hit. Create your profile, attend a virtual orientation, and get paid just 30 minutes after you clock out of your shift. Working with Qwick is even more flexible than your average part-time bartending position!  


If you have a bit more time on your hands to find a bartending job, Indeed is another viable job board option. You’ll have control over where to find openings using the platform’s advanced search settings, but you will have to submit an application and wait to hear back for these part-time bartending jobs. 

With a job board like Indeed, you’ll need to ensure that your qualifications match what the posting is looking for. Indeed part-time bartending jobs typically favor candidates that have previous restaurant or bartending experience, so this may be a great platform if you meet those expectations. Payment and schedules will also vary with this platform depending on the job, so be sure to look out for what hours these positions are asking you to work and discuss with your potential employer what payment options are available. 


Long application processes are a thing of the past with Sirvo. This restaurant-oriented hiring platform allows you to upload your resume, share your interests, and boast your skills to potential employers. You’ll be able to share all about being a bartending extraordinaire when you apply for your next part-time bartending job. 

Complete one search, select the filters that match your interests and needs, and be privy to a long list of open bartending positions near you. Advance your career in a part-time bartending job using Sirvo’s simple application process. With just one click, you can send your resume and skills information to the hiring manager. Not ready to fill out applications yet? Save the positions you’re interested in to review later. 


Craigslist is for more than finding free furniture or selling collectible novelties. It’s actually a great place to find part-time bartending gigs! Search the food/beverage/hospitality category for flexible part-time bartending jobs in your area. Narrow your search to only part-time positions to fit your scheduling needs. You also have the option to select the max distance from your location to narrow your search further and avoid listings for restaurants too far away. There is a filter to show the results from the newest to the oldest positions to ensure you find ones that are still actively hiring.

Many businesses that post on Craigslist are hiring urgently, so this may be a faster hiring process than using a job board website like Indeed. Use Craigslist to find a part-time bartending position nearby!  


Looking for a certain level of pay? Use Glassdoor’s salary range feature to find part-time bartending positions that match the pay you’re aiming for. You also will have the option to select how recently the job was posted, so you can find the ones actively hiring and get started with your next part-time bartending job ASAP. 

For Professionals searching for nearby jobs with a short commute, Glassdoor offers the option to select how many miles away you’d prefer your job. Each position will require its own set of qualifications, so keep in mind your experience level and whether you would be the best candidate for each opening. Payment will also vary for these positions depending on the schedule of the restaurant or bar. 

Flex Your Mixology Skills With Qwick

Specializing in hospitality roles, Qwick provides freelancers access to relevant part-time shifts to help advance their careers. Perfect your bartending skills or try your hand at a multitude of restaurant positions to round out your industry skills. Sign up for Qwick today!

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