Best Restaurant Job Boards for Employers to Quickly Hire

Best Restaurant Job Boards for Employers to Quickly Hire
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The need for reliable restaurant employees is one that restaurant managers everywhere face. But where can you turn when you are short staffed and short on time?

These restaurant job boards sift through the candidates for you, delivering the top quality applicants when you need them. Read on to learn more about how each platform operates, pricing options and more.

Restaurant Job Boards that Take the Hassle Out of Hiring

1. Qwick

Uncertainty is something that just comes with working in the restaurant industry. Managers deal with last-minute callouts, schedule changes, surges or drops in demand, and more. Having the tools to respond effectively saves time and keeps the team operating smoothly. That’s where Qwick comes in handy.

Qwick is an on-demand staffing platform that connects businesses in need of staff to skilled hospitality freelancers eager to work. Qwick does the heavy lifting of screening each candidate, which means that only the cream of the crop can access and accept jobs on the platform. You can post a shift weeks in advance, on a recurring status, or for last-minute needs as they arise. 

Because Qwick freelancers are independent contractors, you can control labor costs and avoid doling out benefits, PTO, and other additions that regular employees must receive. 

Price: Posting to Qwick is free. The platform only charges a flat rate of 40% on top of the hourly pay, which is set by you.

Pros: The name says it all. You can easily fill shifts and even hire full time employees you meet through Qwick with no additional free. The speed and reliability of the platform makes it a favorite for restaurant managers that need to remain agile in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Cons: Qwick is ideal for temporary hiring solutions.

Qwick Tip: Can’t commit to a full time hire? Save on labor costs with temporary staff courtesy of Qwick. This is just one of many ways that on-demand staffing can benefit your business

Create an account and post your open roles to Qwick today. 

2. ZipRecruiter

Small businesses and large chains alike can find qualified candidates through ZipRecruiter. While ZipRecruiter spans a wide array of industries, its top ratings from employers and large job post distribution network earn it a spot on our list of top restaurant job boards.

Unlike other sites that allow you to post your job in one location, ZipRecruiter sends your post to over 100 job sites. Then, the platform’s smart matching technology leverages artificial intelligence to uncover the candidates that best fit your job posting. This extensive network and targeted approach combine to bring about impressive results in a timely manner.

Price: ZipRecruiter offers plans for businesses of all sizes. The plans start at $249 a month, and there are free trial options that employers can take advantage of before committing.

Pros: With ZipRecruiter, you unlock access to a vast job board network. Every job posting goes farther thanks to the distribution network. Plus, the site allows you to rate applicants and uses this information to bring you the most relevant resumes.

Cons: The premium features offered by ZipRecruiter come with higher costs. For smaller restaurants, this tool may be out of the price range.

Qwick Tip: A stellar job post goes a long way when finding a superstar applicant. So be sure to take the time to craft a compelling job description.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist has been around since the dawn of the internet. But many don’t realize that there’s more than used furniture on the site. The “no frills” platform allows employers to select a location and post local ads to attract candidates in the area.

While many job sites impose strict requirements for word counts and job post formatting, Craigslist puts the control in your hands. This flexibility to customize the post as you see fit can help when aiming to attract the specific type of candidate you are after.

Price: Craigslist posting prices vary depending on location. Typically, larger cities come with higher price tags. Currently, the price for posting a job ranges from $10-$75.

Pros: Craigslist is known as a prime place to fill hourly or part time positions. While many employers have to sift through unqualified candidates, they do find good matches on the platform.

Cons: The posts on Craigslist are placed in chronological order. This means that your post will get pushed down over time and be harder to find. The short life span of a post could mean quality candidates won’t see it.

Qwick Tip: To screen out unserious or underqualified applicants, attach a set of screening questions to your job post. Require applicants to send back answers to these questions with their application.

4. Culinary Agents

Next on our list of restaurant job websites is Culinary Agents. This platform has more than 900,000 hospitality professionals and can fill both front and back of house positions. By distributing a job post to over 500 partners, Culinary Agents gives employers access to the largest pool of talent in the hospitality industry.

The impressive range of clients utilizing Culinary Agents is a testament to the power of the tool. Premier brands including Union Square Hospitality Group, NoHo Hospitality, Link Restaurant Group and more all utilize this job board to find skilled candidates.

Price: Culinary Agents offers two pricing plans. One is $0 per month with a $49 per posting price tag. The other is $100 a month with 4 postings available each month. Additional posts cost $39 each.

Pros: Culinary Agents goes beyond the standard job board with helpful additions, including employer branding tools and flexible plans for restaurants with multiple locations.

Cons: While the distribution network is expansive, this can mean you’ll have more applications to sift through when looking for the ideal candidate.

Qwick Tip: When onboarding new talent, it’s vital to have clear HR policies laid out. From dress code to benefits and more, the essential HR policies help keep you and your employees protected.

5. Indeed

Still on the hunt for restaurant staff? Check out Indeed. The platform provides employers with a dashboard for tracking and managing job postings across one or multiple locations. The bulk posting feature allows you to create and edit a large group of job posts at once, making it great for times when you’re hoping to fill multiple similar positions.

Once you’ve narrowed down your candidate pool, Indeed allows you to schedule interviews and make offers on the platform. The ability to conduct the entire hiring process in one location can save you time and keep things organized.

Price: Indeed does offer a free job posting option, but you won’t have access to some key features, including the ability to invite candidates to apply. The cost to sponsor a job post starts at $5 a day.

Pros: Indeed is a big name in the job board industry and receives hundreds of millions of unique visitors every month. With access to a wide candidate pool and the dashboard to help you manage new applicants, the chances of finding the right candidate are high.

Cons: While there are free postings available, Indeed is a pay-to-play platform for employers. To access the company’s extensive resume database and ensure your job posts don’t get buried, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

Qwick Tip: Maximize your Indeed results by visiting the Employer Help Center. This helpful hub features detailed explanations of best practices for employers on the platform. There’s so much to uncover in this resource center, from job posting tutorials to tips for communicating with candidates.

6. Good Food Jobs

When it comes to restaurant job boards with inspiring missions, Good Food Jobs is at the top of the list. The founders of GFJ created the platform to connect employers with passionate candidates searching for jobs in the restaurant industry. As a result, you can expect to find quality applicants to fill open positions at your establishment.

The platform allows employers to post open positions for full-time roles, part-time positions, contract positions, internships and more. The Good Food Jobs motto of “satisfying the hunger for meaningful work” influences all that the platform offers employers and candidates.

Price: At Good Food Jobs, employers can buy single job postings for $60 or purchase bulk packages for savings. Each post stays live for 60 days.

Pros: This job board is a great place to find passionate candidates that care about the work they do.

Cons: Though GFJ is expanding, it has a larger presence along the east and west coasts. So restaurants in between these areas will need a bit of patience when searching for the right candidate.

Qwick Tip: Think outside the box when posting on GFJ! The platform allows you to find interns, volunteers, full-time employees and more. So don’t limit yourself to one type of candidate search when utilizing the platform.

7. Sirvo

We’re finishing up this list with a top-rated restaurant job board called Sirvo. If you work with a team to hire candidates, you’ll enjoy the collaborative features at Sirvo. The applicant tracking system keeps the process organized, while the shared messaging hub makes communicating with other members of the hiring team a breeze.

Sirvo’s easy-to-navigate mobile interface makes tracking the candidate search convenient. No matter where you are, you can see who is applying and what stage each applicant is in. On top of this, Sirvo integrates with Indeed to enhance your chances of finding the right fit.

Price: Pricing plans vary depending on the number of locations. A monthly subscription to Sirvo starts at $110 per month.

Pros: Sirvo makes a collaborative hiring process easy with multiple tools, including a company page that offers multiple admin logins.

Cons: Unlike other restaurant job boards that boost your posting to hundreds of sites, Sirvo only partners with one other job board. This means the platform does not have as wide of a reach as others do.

Qwick Tip: Form a plan of action with your hiring team so that duties are clear from the start. This way, each member can take advantage of the collaborative tools and avoid overlapping tasks with others.

Hiring can Happen Quickly with Qwick

Managing current employees while searching for new ones is no small task. When armed with the right tools, you can navigate these challenges with confidence. Qwick’s on-demand staffing service is what restaurant managers turn to when staffing issues arise. Stay flexible, and access qualified hospitality talent at a moment’s notice with Qwick. Create an account and try Qwick today! !

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