One of the things that we are most proud about at Qwick is how amazing the Professionals using the app are! They are ambitious, generous, and so much fun to get to know. That’s why we threw a big appreciation event for them in our HQ city, Phoenix.

Hosted at one of our partner hotels, MOXY, we had almost 200 Professionals come out to enjoy a party by the pool.

As a fast-growing startup, it’s sometimes easy to keep moving forward and not take a moment to simply say “thanks” to the people that are really the reason we are where we are today. We saw big groups of friends come to the party, and they had all met through Qwick. We got to meet the spouses of professionals, learn about big summer vacations that their shifts were paying for, and get to know the people that make the magic happen.

It’s exciting how many connections are made on the platform, and how Qwick is improving the lives of tens of thousands of people. We look forward to more events like this one, in all of our markets, and we are grateful for the amazing servers, bartenders, dishwashers, and cooks that take shifts with Qwick!

Qwick COO, Blaine Light, with Hospitality Professionals