Hotel catering staff

Hotels serve as the venue for an enormous variety of events. From very personal occasions such as weddings to the enormous corporate conferences, each one is very important to those running it—and deserves the very best in catering services to make things flow smoothly.

After all, top-notch food and drinks along with attentive staff can make an event memorable. What’s more, pulling off incredible hotel events is how catering companies can build stellar reputations in the industry. We have put together a few tips to get you there.

Successful hotel catering

Why great hotel catering matters!

The accumulation of customers’ food critiques can ultimately form a general verdict on how recommendable a hotel is or isn’t. With many review-based websites and apps out there, every meal laid before a guest matters. Thus, consistently delicious and memorable catering menus is a crucial element to a guest’s overall experience.

However, what does it take to serve unforgettable food? What catering practices can be implemented to blow guests away? The following tips hold key insight to that question.

Tips for hotel catering

6 Tips for Hotel Catering Success

High-level catering isn’t a result of a decent menu alone. Instead, to be a leading provider of food requires a holistic, well-thought-out approach. Here are six tips that can lead to stellar hotel catering.

1. Effective communication between the catering and hotel teams

From the get-go, lucid and coherent communication needs to be established between the catering and hotel managers. Building a trusting relationship will form a solid foundation on which impressive catering services are built. The hotel’s ethos needs to be clear as day to those feeding the guests.

Dropping the ball in this department could end badly—imagine pork kebabs being laid out at a halal buffet, for example.

2. Match the food with the event

A common thread weaving together all events held at a hotel is catering. Be it celebrating a bachelorette party, hosting a fundraising gala, or rejoicing a bat mitzvah, those little cocktail snacks and puff pastries can either make or break a guests’ experience.

If you don’t understand the essence of the event, you might serve bacon at the bat mitzvah, vodka shots at the fundraiser, and apple juice at the bachelorette party. You don’t want to be responsible for any of those situations, so make sure to focus on honing your event planning skills.

3. Make sure you have the right staff

Whether you’re the caterer or hotel manager, ensure that the culinary team in the kitchen and serving team on the floor are diligent, passionate, and positive individuals. Their talent and energy will manifest itself in the food and service provided. It’s also essential to have plenty of people, as being short-staffed is a recipe for disaster.

Be sure to nail your event staffing resources to satisfy the customers before, during, and after their chow down. A tool like Qwick facilitates on-demand staffing, so it’s easy to find workers with the right skills and availability.

Tips for hotel catering

4. Comply with standard food safety practices

Unlisted allergens, poorly sourced food, and spawning cockroaches in the unfrequented depths of the kitchen storeroom will all lead to undesirable situations.

Avoid these and set an example by following FDA guidelines and advice offered by the USDA on a range of kitchen-related topics.

5. Always have special catering options available

Vegans, gluten intolerant diners, and other previously-fringed foodies are sprouting faster than ever. Be sure to offer a variety of special dietary options, even if unrequested!

Effective catering is about feeding as many hungry people as possible—go the extra mile and decorate your menu with the V, GF, and other possible labels.

6. Make unique, creative, and yummy food that stands out

Diligently following the aforementioned steps is all for naught if the food is terrible. An incorrectly delivered order, a spilled coffee, or even a strand of hair in a portion of soup can all be excused by delicious food. However, nothing can make up for food that is sub-par.

Conversely, uniquely presented dishes will stun the guests; delicious flavors will ensure the home run. A catering team that incorporates creativity into the workflow of conceiving, cooking, and displaying the meal is bound to be successful in satisfying both the hotel and the guests.

Essentials for hotel catering

Have a catering team that cares!

When boiled down, these six tips can be summarized by a single word: care. A catering company should genuinely care about the hotel’s guests, ethos, and reputation. Food is an integral part of a customer’s experience and should be treated accordingly by those involved in preparing it.

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