As the world continues to evolve as a result of COVID-19, businesses are scrambling to survive. 

Many businesses have let go of the majority of their staff. The 14.7% unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since the Great Depression. 20.6 million Americans have lost their jobs since March.

Restaurants were hit the hardest. In order for them to stay open, they had to pivot to take out or delivery. This was a big risk for many restaurants as they were not used to these changes. With a smaller staff and higher demand, businesses are struggling to keep up and keep their doors open.

Visually show the amount of businesses having to close temporarily and. permanently due to COVID-19
53% of restaurants have temporarily or permanently closed their doors since June 15th. Restaurants are affected the most by this pandemic and are in need of a solution, like on-demand staffing, to keep their doors open.

On-demand staffing is a solution for when you’re in need of staff but can’t commit to hiring someone full time. Many restaurants closed their doors for good or are having trouble continuing to stay open. 23,981 eating establishments on Yelp experienced some type of closure since March 1. Of those, 53% have since shut down for good. Don’t let your business become part of this statistic.

Restaurants are participating in the gig economy to stay alive.
A business in need of staff can supplement their team with an on-demand solution by hiring 1099 independent contractors through an on-demand platform. These contractors can work on short notice and are always ready to work in a wide variety of areas and times. Even better, you can help your bottom line by avoiding paying payroll taxes, employer benefits, and other W-2 associated costs.

What is on-demand staffing?

On-demand staffing gives companies the freedom to find extra help when they need it most. This allows companies the ability to hire someone for a single shift, or a series of events. The best part, if you love the Professional matched to you, you can hire them full-time on the spot at no cost! This also works in reverse. If you don’t want them to return after their first shift, you can utilize the rating system, and request they don’t come back. On-demand staffing gives you the ability to hire independent contractors with ease.

Why on-demand staffing is a great solution

On-demand staffing allows you to hire staff with proven qualifications. Hiring a new employee is a daunting process. It takes time to look over applications, interview candidates, and create employee schedules. On-demand staffing makes it easy to find high-quality candidates without having to vet them yourself.

On-demand staffing platforms vet Professionals so you don’t have to. There are no contracts and no commitments necessary. This is beneficial when an employee calls in sick or has an emergency shortly before their shift. You can post a shift within minutes of its start time and have someone arrive right away. This means you will always have your shifts filled and won’t have to worry about ever being short-staffed.

Signing up your business for on-demand staffing

Signing up for an on-demand platform is easier than brushing your teeth. Simply fill out a few pieces of information about your business, and let the technology do the rest. Your company profile will improve as you interact more and more with the platform. After signing up, you can post dozens of different shift types: ranging from banquet server, dishwasher, event staff, line cook, and more. Finally, set the rate you want to pay, provide the details of the shift, and let the magic happen. The best part, this all can be done from the comfort of your couch!

Ratings are your friend

Once a Professional fills a shift for your business, you rate them on their performance. This is a crucial step, if you loved the Professional then you can rate them five stars and comment on how well they did. This will make it easier for you to be able to request them for the next shift you want them to fill.

On the contrary, if a worker did not meet your full expectations, you can say so with your review. This will make it easier to find different Professionals that fit the best for your company.

Is this something that could help my business?

When running a restaurant being under-staffed is inevitable. What happens if the dinner rush is about to start and your dishwasher is a no show? Or your chef has an emergency and has to miss their shift? How do you recover from this potential disaster?

With on-demand staffing, you can hire someone within minutes of when the shift starts and not have to worry about any of this.

On-demand staffing takes the pressure off. It gives the business owner other options to fill a shift. This way, they do not have to solve staffing problems. the platform does it for you. No matter what the position is in your restaurant, you can find a quality worker right away. There is no need to train a Professional when they show up for a shift. All Professionals are vetted to ensure they are knowledgeable about the position.

By using an on-demand Professional, you save time by not having to interview or train a new worker. It alleviates stress when a short term situation arises, and matches you with a worker perfect for your business.

On-demand staffing is a great solution when you are needing additional staff on top of your full-time team. For example, if your restaurant is open for Thanksgiving, you might need more staff because you are expecting a higher volume of customers. This allows you to hire workers when you need it and the positions you need for each situation.

How Qwick can help

Qwick is an on-demand staffing platform that is changing the way people work. We care about every business and Professional we partner with. We boast a 98% shift fill rate and currently have over 85,000 Professionals seeking shifts. Qwick cares about you and want to see your business succeed.

When you need staff, let us know, and we’ll get it done. We prioritize Professionals that are reliable and consistently do a 5-star job. Our orientation process ensures that each Professional has the skills and experience to do the job you need to be done. Each Professional must complete a comprehensive “Qwiz” to verify their experience before they can take a shift. This ensures your business is getting connected with highly-skilled, top-quality, and overall great talent. Qwick will change the way you work and help your business succeed and thrive during troubling times.

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