Qwick intern, Graham at National Park

It’s National Intern Day, so what better time than now to introduce you to Graham Byron! From jumping out of airplanes to analyzing data like a pro, we think Graham might actually be cooler than us. Learn more about our newest intern below!

Q: Do you have a nickname? 

GB: My name is Graham Byron, however the most used nickname at the moment is InstaGraham.

Q: What are you studying right now? 

GB: I’m an economics and business double major and math minor at the University of Puget Sound, a small school up in Washington state.

Q: If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? 

GB: Boring I know, but I would commit a good majority of it to savings before my mind wandered to any tempting ideas. Of course, I couldn’t help myself from spending at least a little bit of it and I’d probably go on a little bit of a shoe shopping spree- that’s my weakness. Oh, and I’d put some in a concert fund so I wouldn’t have to worry about scrounging up the funds to see a cool band when they visit town.

Q: What’s your superpower? 

GB: That’s a tough one, I would say my superpower is the ability to make people feel as if they have been truly heard, something that I believe really lacks with my peers. I am the go-to to talk things through and hash out issues that people have.

Q: What is your favorite part of interning at Qwick? 

GB: It’s exciting! I really like the fact that I’m doing things that provide actual value to the company and that I’m filling the entire day with productive work, I’m not just stuck twiddling my thumbs. It also helps that the people I’m working with are absolutely awesome, I have felt welcomed and a part of the team since day one.

Q: If you could give advice to yourself 10 years ago, what would it be? 

GB: Be authentic and don’t change yourself just to fit the mold of what others think you should be like. Also, it’s okay to be a little quirky.

Q: When you’re not at Qwick, where can we find you?

GB: I’m on the tennis team at school, so I’m on the court a lot and also working out in the gym. When I’m not doing that I’ve been catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time!