Life is unpredictable. We all have come face to face with this fact at one point or another. While there can be beauty found in some surprises, there is nothing pretty about washing dishes in a shirt and tie because your washer decided not to show up that day. It’s time to meet hospitality staffing on-demand.

Ask anyone with a career in the hospitality industry about a time that something unpredictable happened at work, and they are almost guaranteed to paint you a picture of sheer chaos, over exertion, or just a really laborious day. Whether hosting a banquet, catering a wedding, or simply managing a restaurant, unpredictability is inevitable. Food & Beverage, HR, and catering managers alike all wake up and plead with the universe that things just goes the way they planned, despite knowing in the back of their mind it probably won’t.

The usual suspect of this unforeseen mayhem is event staffing. Despite doing everything possible to interview and hire the most reliable people, the term “no call, no show” is bound to enter a manager’s vocabulary, and turnover will inevitably haunt their dreams. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an annualized employee turnover rate of 73.8% in hospitality, making it the second highest industry rate next to technology. Your time is the most valuable thing you have, should you be spending it looking for cooks and bartenders every week?

How to get ahead of employee turnover:

With employee attrition being such a large obstacle, managers often utilize temporary staffing agencies as a bandaid to cover their hiring wounds. While temporary staffing solutions can be a useful resource as a last resort, it can come at a heft price. Agencies charge upwards of 60-100% markup for their service, and rarely guarantee the quality of the staff being sent. It’s unfortunate enough to pay $30 per hour on a banquet server for the day, but it’s even worse if that server can’t hold plates on a tray. Believe it or not, there is an alternative way to go about fulfilling hospitality staffing needs, and proactively get ahead of the demon called unpredictability.

Say hello to a new term added to the hospitality vocab list: on-demand staffing. This idea combines technology with event hiring, and is emerging as the widely preferred staffing solution for more and more businesses across the US.

Explaining the concept of on-demand staffing isn’t difficult, especially living in the world of Amazon, Uber, Grubhub, and other gig economy platforms. On-demand hospitality staffing is a solution that provides managers access to workers when they need them, whether that is in a few days, a few hours, or a few minutes. The same way that we can order food through an app that is delivered to our door, an executive chef can get a prep cook to show up and work for the day. The process is profoundly simple.

A technology staffing solution made just for you

This is exactly what we do at Qwick. We specialize in on-demand staffing, and connect our clients to thousands of punctual, professional, and proven hospitality workers that sign up to work on our platform. When a business runs into a staffing jam, they post a shift to our platform, and our algorithm matches the perfect candidate to do the job. Whether you need someone in twenty days, or twenty minutes, our process is profoundly simple. Open an app, select the staff you need, and see how fast your event is filled.

What to expect when working with Qwick

To offer a the clearest understanding of what to expect when working with us at Qwick, we can compare what we do to what a staffing agency does.

Qwick Temp Staffing Agency
  • Clients chose the rate
  • Service fee is 40%
  • 10% of fee given back to the worker (leads to happier workers).
  • Service fee anywhere from 60% – 100%
  • May require minimum
  • Every worker undergoes 14 point quality certification process
  • individually vetted for experience and professionalism
  • Quality of work is unpredictable
  • Fills shifts in as little as 20 minutes
  • Instant notifications when shift is filled
  • Requires several days notice in order to provide staff
  • Qwick pays workers right when shift ends,
  • Collect payment from business later  on preferred terms (CC, NET 30, Prepay, etc)
  • Requires all or some payment up front
  • Worker matched to shift with algorithm that considers ratings, timeliness, and experience
  • Each business builds custom pool of preferred workers
  • Workers sign up, or call in to shifts
  • No charge to hire full-time
  • Costly contract to hire full-time

Not bad huh?

On-demand staffing just makes sense. It is already transforming our industry of service, and empowering f&b directors, hotel general managers, and event planners of the world to focus on growing their business . Many of the 200+ companies already using Qwick have incorporated on-demand staffing into their daily schedule . Andrea Lansford, who runs Events on Jackson in Phoenix, said, “I’ve done several requests last minute, a day or two before – and they’ve never let me down. They are hands down better quality than your standard temp agencies.”

If you are a leader in your business, event space, or organization, you need to consider on-demand staffing. Stop spending valuable time in the dish pit, and save the thousands of dollars you spend on temporary staffing fixes. Take advantage of this, very accessible, answer to your dreams, and see the difference in your event execution with Qwick. You’re going to like the way it works, we guarantee it.