Guide to Hiring Quality Restaurant Staff

hiring restaurant staff

With reliable and skilled employees, a restaurant will run like a well-oiled machine. However, flaky staff and discord among staff members can damage efficiency and have ripple effects on the experience of diners.  When running a restaurant, finding qualified employees is an ongoing struggle. It’s especially difficult during a labor shortage like the one the […]

Restaurant Staffing Guide: How Many Servers and Cooks Do You Need?

how many tables can a server handle

If runners are scrambling to get meals out to customers and servers are overloaded with tables, it may be time to reevaluate your staffing needs. Having the right amount of cooks, servers, hosts, and other restaurant staff is essential to keeping things running smoothly. Luckily, Qwick is here to assist you in getting shifts covered […]

11 Best Weekend Jobs in Hospitality That Don’t Require a Degree

best weekend jobs

So, you’re tired of spending every weekend on the couch bingeing Netflix. You’d rather be out shopping or at dinner with friends but don’t have the expendable income to afford that, right? It might be time to get a weekend job! We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best weekend jobs to spice up your […]

5 Places to Find Part-Time Bartending Jobs

part time bartending jobs

Calling all mixed drink connoisseurs! If you’re looking to earn some extra cash on the weekends or just perfect your Moscow Mule, a part-time bartending gig may be the right job for you. But exactly how do you find these part-time bartending jobs? We have the answer! Read on to learn more about some of […]

Guide to 7 Best Restaurant Positions to Work in


Dishwashers elbow-deep in suds, line cooks shoulder to shoulder on the kitchen line, quick-footed bartenders behind the bar — cue our infatuation with the restaurant industry! The hustle of the industry is breathtaking, and it couldn’t happen without the many restaurant professionals that staff them. The COVID-19 pandemic had devastating effects on eat-in restaurants and […]

Breaking Down the Ghost Kitchen Concept and Benefits

ghost kitchen

The saying goes that there’s no place like home — and for diners across the United States, they’d rather enjoy their Pad Thai in their favorite slippers at home. The food delivery market has exploded with more people ordering their meals online and getting them delivered conveniently to their homes. In fact, 60% of US […]

How to Start & Staff a Delivery-Only Restaurant

Start & Staff a Delivery-Only Restaurant

Restaurateurs heard the demand and delivered a premium eating experience that can be enjoyed from your couch. Delivery-only restaurants — also ghoulishly known as ghost kitchens — are the newest restaurant concept taking the culinary world by storm. If you’re thinking about starting a delivery-only restaurant, you’re in good company. Technomic projects a 25% yearly […]