Breaking Down the Ghost Kitchen Concept and Benefits

ghost kitchen

The saying goes that there’s no place like home — and for diners across the United States, they’d rather enjoy their Pad Thai in their favorite slippers at home. The food delivery market has exploded with more people ordering their meals online and getting them delivered conveniently to their homes. In fact, 60% of US […]

How to Start & Staff a Delivery-Only Restaurant

Start & Staff a Delivery-Only Restaurant

Restaurateurs heard the demand and delivered a premium eating experience that can be enjoyed from your couch. Delivery-only restaurants — also ghoulishly known as ghost kitchens — are the newest restaurant concept taking the culinary world by storm. If you’re thinking about starting a delivery-only restaurant, you’re in good company. Technomic projects a 25% yearly […]

Best Restaurant Job Boards for Employers to Quickly Hire

restaurant job boards

The need for reliable restaurant employees is one that restaurant managers everywhere face. But where can you turn when you are short staffed and short on time? These restaurant job boards sift through the candidates for you, delivering the top quality applicants when you need them. Read on to learn more about how each platform […]

6 Ideas to Successfully Reopen Restaurants During COVID

Ideas to Successfully Reopen Restaurants During COVID

With slim profit margins and stiff competition, surviving in the restaurant industry is no piece of cake. Add a global pandemic to the mix and the challenge intensifies. Fortunately, restaurant managers are finding ways to retool and lift profits in light of unforeseen challenges. Problems abound but so do creative solutions! Dig into ideas for […]

Working as a Dishwasher: Everything You Need to Know

Working as a dishwasher

Dishwashers are the backbone of a clean and well-operated restaurant. Even more, not only is it an essential position, but it can open doors to other restaurant roles in the future. If you’re hoping to be a lean, pristine kitchen-cleaning machine, then this guide to working as a dishwasher is just for you. Roll up […]

Calculating & Controlling Your Restaurant Labor Cost

restaurant labor cost

From scheduling employees and providing benefits, to staying in step with state wage laws, managing labor costs comes with a full plate of responsibility. Understanding your restaurant labor cost is a necessity for efficient operations. So pull out that income statement. It’s time to take a look at your restaurant labor costs. In this guide, […]

Create Your Own Restaurant Employee Training Checklist

restaurant employee training checklist

You asked the right interview questions and uncovered the best candidates to join your team. Now, the real work begins. It’s time to onboard and train your new hires. With restaurants losing an estimated $5,864 per employee due to turnover, the need for comprehensive and effective onboarding is crystal clear. If you haven’t created a […]