60 LGBTQIA2+ Owned Eateries to Support

June is Pride month, and the Qwick team has been busy celebrating both in and out of the office. This week, we’re encouraging everyone to get out and support the LGBTQIA2+ owned bars, restaurants, and eateries that nourish and enrich our communities. Whether you’re in the mood for a farm-to-fork feast in Denver or colorful […]

Accessing Healthcare as a Contractor

health insurance for independent contractors

Finding health insurance for independent contractors may seem tricky at first. Read Qwick’s guide on how to get insurance as an independent contractor.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Plan, Organize, & Host Any Event

how to plan an event

Whether you’re planning large professional conferences or small speaking events, event planning is a fast-paced, stressful business.  A refresher on the fundamentals of event planning can act as a confidence booster for event planners. So, if you’re getting started in event planning or if you need a refresher course, follow along as we go through […]

How to Manage Your Work-Life Balance as a Hospitality Professional

Working in the hospitality industry can be unpredictable. Unlike the stability of a standard nine-to-five office job, your schedule changes on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. One week you might slotted to work four doubles but barely get enough shifts to pay the bills the next. Consequently, this level of uncertainty makes it hard […]

9 Tips to Choose the Best Catering Company for Your Event

We get it. Choosing the perfect caterer for your huge event is daunting. If you want everything to go perfectly on the day of, the real work happens weeks ahead of time. But you’ve got this. Just follow these nine tips from industry experts, and you’ll pull off an unforgettable event so everyone can have […]