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By this time, you’ve probably set and made some decent progress on your resolutions for the new year and the decade. For most, that means cutting down on the pastries and hitting the gym. But for the hospitality industry, that means exploring ways to expand the business and revenue. With some help from the gig economy and enough strategy, the next year and the next ten should bring success, growth, and profit.

One of the most promising ways to expedite that growth is by utilizing the growing gig economy, especially for the hospitality industry. In the past year alone, we’ve seen hotels, caterers, restaurants and more scale their businesses exponentially by utilizing the gig economy with Qwick. As we launch into the next decade, we wanted to share some helpful tips so you can make the gig economy work for you.

Expand Beyond Your Kitchen

Bring your food to the people. Getting your food out at community events, conventions, and large gatherings means more chances to introduce yourself.

Many businesses have learned to expand through investing in catering equipment, seasonal food trucks, and gig workers. Marketing a company logo and posting on social is one thing, but when you can get cooks out there feeding potential customers, the results speak for themselves.

Keep Talented Staff

Good help doesn’t have to be hard to find. A lot of unique faces pass through the hospitality industry. It can be a struggle to find talented employees that click well with your staff and atmosphere. This results in high-turnover rates, which brings its own costs and struggles.

Thankfully, Qwick is changing the game for the gig economy and staffing concerns. Where other temporary staff companies would charge a significant fee when a company wants to employ their staff, Qwick makes it free. When a business finds a great gig employee through Qwick, they should be open to offering them a job with no added stipulations or fees. Qwick is all about connecting good people with good businesses with no hidden surprises.

Reward a Hard-Working Crew

Encourage balance within your team. Requesting time off in the hospitality industry can be a daunting task. There are a lot of duties dispersed through F&B staff, and every employee feels that responsibility. There is a concern that if they don’t maintain their position, there will be repercussions through the facility.

Being able to bring in competent short-term staff relieves the heavy burden for all employees. Having a team that knows that they can take leave when necessary eases the stress. Plus, showing staff their importance while keeping them at their most effective is a win-win.

Never Turn Down Large Events and Parties

Eliminate the barriers that are keeping you from accepting more business. It might not make sense to have enough full-time staff to keep up with high seasons, but having options to staff up when it’s busy can help you accept more business (and make more money). 

Adding just one or two capable bodies into the kitchen can bring production and efficiency up, meaning the doors can stay open to as many customers that can fit. Also, when busy times do strike, being able to call on a few extra hands will smooth out the operation and provide a better experience for your guests. 

Push The Limits

Discover your boundaries and then keep going. For the hospitality industry, that could mean finding where max capacity is and finding the tools to help you sustainably break past it. Whether you want to expand the company, develop more revenue, or simply build a stronger team, gig workers offer solutions. There are still so many ways that staffing-up with productive workers can create opportunities through the food and beverage industry. And Qwick is ready to help. 

Looking for an extra hand or two? Reach out to Qwick to see how we can help solve your staffing needs.

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