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Meet the 2022 Qwick Crew MVPs

Meet the 2022 Qwick Crew MVPs
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In 2022, the Qwick crew completed more than 468K shifts and clocked over 3.2 million hours lending their expertise to hospitality businesses across the country. Their hard work resulted in $60 million paid out to Qwick professionals in 2022! Pretty incredible, right?

Each and every day, we’re blown away by the passion, drive, and talent of the professionals that choose to be a part of the Qwick crew. More than 30K new professionals accepted their first Qwick shift this year, and we’re honored to be a resource for them and the thousands of others who make up our incredible community.

Every January as we look back on all that we’ve accomplished together, we publish a list of the top professionals that made a huge impact. You know… the five-star folks that make you smile the minute you see you’re working a shift with them. The people you can always count on to pick up that last-minute shift, go the extra mile, or share some quality BOH breaks with.

Without further ado, please join us in celebrating 2022’s Qwick crew MVPs!

The 2022 Qwick Crew MVPs

A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas/Fort Worth.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in New York City, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in DC, Orlando, and Tampa Bay.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in Austin, LA, San Francisco, and San Antonio.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in Nashville, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.
A list of names that highlights the top freelancers in Jacksonville, Charlotte, and Cleveland.

Special congrats are in order for the following professionals:

  • Joe D. from San Diego worked the most shifts in 2022 out of this group—314 shifts!
  • Atlanta’s very own Adam S. worked the most shifts in total, completing 447 shifts in just two years.
  • Jonathan A. from Phoenix is the MVP who’s been with Qwick the longest after joining the platform in June 2019.

What The MVPs Have To Say About Qwick

When asked about their favorite part of Qwick, 71% of professionals praised the freedom and flexibility that Qwick affords them. To the Qwick crew, flexibility is far more than just making their own schedule—it means having “the independence to take control of your life” to Richard L. in Chicago, and Jesus G. from Miami sums it up as, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!”

So, what does the Qwick crew do with all that freedom? A recent poll shows that spending time with family tops the list, followed by working other jobs. Recreation is up next, with professionals enjoying everything from sports and fitness to hiking and camping. Tampa Bay MVP, Kevin H. has a passion for practicing and teaching yoga when not picking up shifts with Qwick, saying, “Qwick allows me to work around clients and pursue my dreams.” (Check out that work-life balance!)

A person balances in a yoga pose on a tree at the beach.

While hobbies and lifestyles vary, one thing is clearly shared among all Qwick professionals: a passion for F+B and hospitality. Thanks to everyone who was a part of helping us change how hospitality works in 2022. We couldn’t ask for a better crew, and we can’t wait to reach new heights in 2023 together. Cheers to you! 

Join the Crew 

If you’re looking for greater freedom and flexibility in your work life and have at least one year of recent experience in the hospitality industry, Qwick is for you. Our platform connects you to open shifts at bars, restaurants, event venues, and other businesses near you, and you get to choose the shifts you work. No strings attached. Whether you're a line cook in Jacksonville, a banquet captain in Los Angeles, or a jack-of-all-trades, a world of opportunity awaits you. 

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