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The Ultimate Guide To Bartending School

The Ultimate Guide To Bartending School
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Anyone can try mixing drinks in their free time, but knowing which ingredients go together best to the satisfaction of bar patrons takes more than just trial and error. To become truly proficient in the arts of mixology, aspiring bartenders generally attend a training course at a bartending school, at least to start with. 

Is bartending school worth it? It's important to know that you're only going to get out of bartending school what you put into it. It's not going to make you into an expert bartender overnight. If you have no experience with bartending, then yes—bartending school is a great place to start your career! You don't need a license to work as a bartender in most states, but having that certificate will show you have adequate training. (Do ensure you have your alcohol serving certification, however!) 

What Do You Learn in Bartending School?

So, what can you expect to learn in bartending school? What you learn in bartending school often depends on the program. Generally, the coursework involves learning how to operate a bar and all the nitty gritty details of day-to-day operations. You'll be exposed to basic knowledge about different types of bar equipment, setup, glassware, and cleaning. If you've never tried to change a keg, well, you'll learn at bartending school.

Of course, you'll learn about different types of drinks: beer, wine, spirits, liquor, cocktails, and so on. If you're not aware of the difference between domestic and imported beers, different styles of craft beer, and varieties of wine and spirits, you'll learn all about them in bartending school so you can both recommend and prepare these drinks.

You'll also learn about the alcohol and liquor laws where you live. This is essential knowledge as violations could cause harm to bar patrons, which could then harm the bar itself, and subsequently hurt your chances of employment. So, it's safe to say that the more you know about liquor laws, the better you can serve patrons. And the best way to learn them is at a bartending school.

Requirements for Bartending School

Are there requirements for bartending school? Not really. Anyone who is of age to serve drinks and who wants to attend and learn how to bartend can attend a bartending school. Different states will have their own requirements as far as licensing goes, but for bartending school itself, there are no true requirements.

How Much Is Bartending School?

How much does bartending school cost? The cost of bartending school ranges from $200 to $800 for a 40-hour course. The price of the course will depend on where you plan on attending and what organization is putting on the program.

How much is bartending school in California?

California is famously known for being expensive, but you'll find that bartending school is actually quite affordable in the Golden State, at least in comparison with some other states and locales. How much does bartending school cost in California? In Los Angeles some bartending schools advertise a range up to $500, with a median cost of about $250.

A bartending school in CA worth checking out: ABC Bartending School

But what about elsewhere? How about the Lone Star State?

How much is bartending school in Texas?

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that often includes the cost of attending bartending school. How much is bartending school in Texas? Well, in Dallas bartending classes at some schools range from $300 to $700, with a median cost of around $600. This might seem intimidating, but what you ultimately get for your money will make it well spent on bartending school.

Here's a bartending school in TX: Texas School of Bartenders

That's the story in Texas. How about in the Grand Canyon State?

How much is bartending school in Arizona?

Arizona offers aspiring bartenders who want to attend bartending school a middle ground between the costs of California and Texas. How much is bartending school in Arizona? In the Phoenix area some schools offer a price range between $200 and $650, with a median cost of about $400. Some schools even offer tuition deals at a cost of $250 or so which is a great deal if you can get it!

Try out this bartending school in Arizona: National Bartending School

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