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Best Restaurant Management Software for All Operations

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Running a restaurant takes drive, creative problem solving, and some help from a top-rated restaurant management software. You’ve got the first two, and we’re bringing the last ingredient to you in this information-packed guide.

With limited hours in the day, restaurant managers need multitasking tools that resolve issues, not create them. That’s why we curated this list of effective restaurant management software options.

Explore them below!

Restaurant Scheduling Software

1. Qwick

Scheduling has never been easier with the on-demand hiring service Qwick. It’s simple—create an account and post your open shifts on the platform. Then, Qwick matches you with a skilled hospitality professional to fill the position.

Qwick vets every professional to ensure that your restaurant is connected with highly-skilled, reliable talent. In addition to providing top-tier talent, Qwick manages the payments through their platform and provides total visibility into payments for each shift, so you can control labor costs and focus on your restaurant operations.

If you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it solution, Qwick is a great choice. Ensure your staff’s quality and avoid costly staffing agency fees with one easy-to-use digital platform. It’s not rocket science—it’s Qwick! Create an account and post your open roles today. 

Price: Posting shifts on Qwick is free + 40% flat rate of worker’s hourly pay

2. 7 Shifts

In mere seconds, restaurants can organize and assign shifts for their employees with 7 Shifts. The platform offers customers a way to manage staff, communicate with their team and optimize their restaurant operations. The staff engagement tool, which tracks which workers are top performers, is another beneficial feature. Looking for a restaurant scheduling software that plays well with others? 7 Shifts easily integrates with other restaurant management tools like POS and payroll systems.

Price: There are four plans available, ranging from a free basic plan to $69.99/month

3. Fourth (Formerly HotSchedules)

HotSchedules through Fourth has become one of the hospitality industry’s leading scheduling and time management software and for a good reason. Trusted by over three million end-users and 35,000 managers, it has developed a user-friendly experience for everyone. Continuing to innovate, HotSchedules has even added a health survey feature to keep both employees and managers safe. It is a perfect fit for both small family businesses and larger establishments to manage their team.

Price: Not specified

4. Harri

Harri prides itself on being the first human capital management (HCM) platform for the service industry, and it’s easy to see why. The software provides restaurants with helpful tools, from the first steps of talent acquisition to continuing analytics and insights. The service industry is a busy one for job seekers and hiring managers. Luckily, mobile apps offered by Harri for both to find the perfect job or employee. The platform helps keep everyone up to date without having to constantly log in on their computer.

Price: Not specified

Restaurant POS Software

1. Toast

Don’t let the cutesy name fool you. Toast is a POS powerhouse, offering a full serving of back of house, guest management, front of house features. The starter kit allows single locations to access the helpful features and build on capabilities as they grow. Toast also offers hardware that is designed for use in a restaurant environment. From contactless ordering tablets to durable checkout hardware, the technology backs up data for insightful reports. Top it off with round-the-clock customer service for a match made in restaurant heaven.

Price: Starting at $69/month

2. Lightspeed Restaurant

For a speedy and scalable solution that puts actionable data into your hands, turn to Lightspeed. Lightspeed is all about localizing information so you can manage overall performance or specific data insights, no matter where you are. From product reports that let you know how menu items are performing to detailed revenue breakdowns, there’s plenty of info to dig into in this POS. Lightspeed also offers integrations with popular food delivery apps.

Price: Starting at $69/month

3. Oracle MICROS Simphony 

Built for complete restaurant management, Simphony allows you to optimize online and in-house operations from any device. Especially renowned for bringing menus and payment completely online, Simphony enhances the experience of both customers and managers. Simphony also powers Oracle MICROS self-service kiosk hardware as well as third-party kiosks so you can shorten lines and optimize the speed of service. Whether your restaurant is casual, fine dining, or quick service, Simphony has features and tools to help.

Price: Not specified

4. Harbortouch 

With over two decades in business, Harbortouch powers hundreds of thousands of businesses across the U.S. The restaurant POS software offers cloud-based management tools and an intuitive interface, making it simple for staff members to operate. Harbortouch prides itself on stellar customer service and provides 24/7 support for users. The icing on the cake? The low price tag that smaller restaurants can enjoy while still accessing valuable features.

Price: Starting at $29/month

Restaurant Accounting Software

1. Sage Business


If you’ve been growing your business recently, you know the difficulties that come with scaling up. Sage is an award-winning restaurant accounting software that helps businesses—small and large—manage invoicing, cash flow, taxes, and many other finance operations. This software also provides professional forecasts that help business owners make informed decisions when planning future financial moves.

Price: Starting at $25/month

2. Quickbooks Online


A trusted name in accounting, Quickbooks can help you manage income, expenses, orders, and more. Quickbooks offers software that grows with you. It offers a range of programs, from a simple starter pack to get your business off the ground to advanced insights into the management and future of your business.

Price: Starts at $12.50/month

3. Xtra Chef


Still using manual data entry for your restaurant’s management system? With Xtra Chef, managers can automate outdated processes so that they can spend more time in the kitchen and less time doing tedious work. A unique feature with Xtra Chef is that they can find manufacturer rebates that will earn a restaurant cashback through their exclusive Buyers Edge Platform. Talk about a stellar software!

Price: Not specified


For a powerful tool that takes manual accounting tasks off your plate, look no further than SHOGO. This reliable system integrates with a wide range of POS systems and syncs your sales to your accounting system at the start of each day. By saving time and providing accurate information daily, SHOGO can bring about positive change for restaurant managers at locations large and small.

Price: $30/month for one location


Restaurant Delivery Software

1. HungerRush

Described as a holistic restaurant management solution, HungerRush can help businesses meet the demands of no-contact payment and delivery with its online ordering program.

Features like curbside pickup and group ordering help you meet the latest consumer needs. At the same time, delivery management tools allow you to track the status of drivers and connect to third-party delivery so you can reach the maximum number of customers.

Price: Not specified


2. Jungleworks

If you’re the owner of a little restaurant that fills a small number of delivery orders each week, Jungleworks is a program that makes sense for you. This software is all about kick starting businesses, and their Tookan Delivery Management program has the features to make it happen. Route optimization, geofencing, automated dispatch, and live chatting enhance your delivery services to meet your business needs.

Price: Starting at $8.00/month

3. Upserve

Have you noticed third-party systems taking sizable chunks of revenue from each online order you receive? Upserve helps you take control of your online ordering with their commission-free platform. Their end-to-end integration solutions allow you to update your menu and process payment all from the same place, and their POS software promises to get you up and running in 48 hours or less.

Price: Starting at $59/month


4. Mobi2go

One of the great things about Mobi2go is that it integrates with POS systems flawlessly, allowing you to go live online as soon as you’d like. Its delivery integrations are especially helpful for working with third-party delivery providers without manual interaction. Some key features offered are flexible delivery zones, no app required for customers, and digital ordering with orders that arrive paid in full.

Price: Starts at $59/month + 3%


Restaurant Inventory Software

1. Cake POS

This restaurant inventory software takes the cake! Streamline and optimize your restaurant from front to back of house with Cake POS. Cake POS integrates with Cake Guest Manager and an online ordering tool. All information is automatically uploaded to the cloud-based interface so you can track sales in real time anywhere and improve your restaurant operations.

Price: Starts at $69/month

2. Bar Patrol

Save money and keep accurate stock of your inventory with Bar Patrol! Bar Patrol is made for bars by restaurant and bar industry professionals. The POS platform utilizes a Bluetooth scale that populates information to your business profile so you can account for all of your inventory down to the last ounce. From your computer or phone app, place orders, review reports, and more—it’s that simple!

Price: $49/month


3. Restaurant365


Automate manual entry with Restaurant365. Though the SaaS company is quite young—founded in 2012—the company has disrupted the restaurant industry, providing innovative restaurant management solutions. With Restaurant 365, you can integrate inventory, payroll, vendors, banks, and restaurant POS to streamline accounting, control inventory, and optimize scheduling.

Price: Starting at $249/month

4. Square

Square, a recognizable company in the service and restaurant industry, has provided reliable restaurant inventory software for more than a decade. Manage your operations, growth, online site, payments, and more with Square. The best part: Square integrates seamlessly with hundreds of third-party applications, so you have the freedom to use applications that suit your business needs that are maintained on Square’s interface.

Price: Basic inventory features are complimentary


Restaurant Catering Software

1. Curate

This cloud-based software promises to help caterers streamline their entire process, offering an all-in-one solution that is entirely customizable to your business needs. Curate is all about a competitive edge, and they showcase this commitment with smarter, eye-catching proposals and essential tools for aligning front and back house operations—all at your fingertips.

Price: Starting at $125/month

2. Caterease

As the name suggests, Caterease offers the complete package for catering needs allowing you to run your business with relative ease. Customizable booking wizards, easy to generate custom prints, automatic packing lists, flexible reports, and more help save time and maximize sales.

Price: Starting at $68/month

3. Qwick 

Qwick did make an appearance before, but it also shines when you need catering staff as well. Qwick’s thorough candidate vetting process allows only the top professionals to view and accept jobs. So, when you need catering staff that you can rely on, get Qwick! Create an account today

Price: Posting jobs on Qwick is free + 40% flat rate of worker’s hourly pay

4. Planning Pod

Planning an event—large or small—requires precision and attention to detail that even the most advanced paper calendar can’t achieve. The solution? Planning Pod is an all-inclusive event planning platform with 20-plus tools, including floor plan builder software, a task manager, bookings calendar, and more. Party planners and banquet organizers can stay organized and manage numerous event factors on one platform using Planning Pod!

Price: Starting at $99/month

Get Qwick: The Efficient Restaurant Managers Secret Sauce

One all too common struggle managers face is ensuring staff levels match the needs of the restaurant. Allow us to take that problem off of your plate. With Qwick, you can find professionals to work open shifts at the touch of a button.

When a last-minute call out or a busy season leaves you in need of team members, Qwick is the easy-to-use tool you can rely on. Create an account and try it out today!

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