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From barbacks and baristas, to dishwashers and line cooks, Qwick connects you with top-tier talent when you need it most. Our hospitality freelancers have years of experience in front of house, back of house, or a combination of the two. Qwick ensures that your restaurant or bar isn’t just staffed, but staffed with reliable and professional workers.

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Powering decentralized staffing in the Bay Area.

When Adam Jed approached Qwick about helping his upscale new American eatery and market, Bluestem, the assumption was that the restaurant needed what most of Qwick’s restaurant partners need: staff in a pinch.

In reality, Adam was looking for a different kind of partnership. Like in many major urban centers, the pandemic ravaged San Francisco’s dining scene. Diners were hesitant to eat out which left many hospitality workers out of jobs. In the wake of the rebound, Adam saw an opportunity to offer an antidote via Bluestem. Instead of hiring full time workers, he decided to build a decentralized staffing model, which would rely on many part time workers, offering more individuals a chance to get back on their feet while allowing Bluestem to operate more nimbly to meet market demands.

Qwick is proud to play an instrumental role in making this staffing program flow by connecting Bluestem to 30+ freelancers each month.

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How is Qwick different than a temp staffing agency?
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Qwick is the professional platform at the heart of the hospitality industry. We empower businesses to staff flexibly and fill shifts with qualified professionals through our easy-to-use digital platform, eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional temporary staffing. Our industry focus allows us to find and elevate the very best talent, while our technology is tailor-made to solve the hospitality industry’s most common staffing challenges.

How much does it cost?
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We charge 40% on top of the professional's hourly pay and give you the flexibility to set your own rates. (We advocate for livable wages, and will recommend rates based on demand and seasonality to help ensure your shifts are filled with the best talent.)

How do you vet your professionals?
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We verify that all Qwick professionals have at least one year of relevant experience in the shifts they’re qualified for and confirm their qualifications during a personal orientation. We also validate each professional’s food and alcohol handling certifications as needed for various shift types.

If I like someone, can I request them again?
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Any professional you’ve rated 5-stars will be offered first pick at future shifts with your business. You can build your custom roster of preferred talent by rating professionals after each shift.

What if I want to hire a Qwick professional full time?
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Feel free! When you (inevitably) find someone you’d like to hire full time, you can do so with no additional fees.

Where are you located?
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We’re rapidly expanding across the country to help you fill shifts from our network of talented hospitality professionals in 20+ US cities. View the full list here.

More questions?

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