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10 Simple Tips To Find Mixologist Jobs Anywhere

10 Simple Tips To Find Mixologist Jobs Anywhere
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Can you make a wicked mojito that has customers coming back for more? Or maybe your specialty is a strong manhattan. Whatever it may be, a career in mixology gives you the power to make someone’s night. Whether muddling, shaking, or free pouring is your favorite part, making new concoctions at the bar is your jam.

You likely enjoy the rush of meeting new people every night, serving them their signature drinks, and bringing happiness to the masses. Right? The only problem is that finding a position can sometimes be a bit of a chore. We’re going to share 10 tips and tricks for finding mixologist jobs near you. Read on, and you’ll be behind the bar again in no time. 

10 Simple Tips for Finding Mixologist Jobs

If you need help finding mixologist jobs online, here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling. 

1. Broaden Your Job Search Terms

Don’t limit your job search to “mixologist jobs.” Many bars don’t distinguish between bartenders and mixologists, as the lines are already blurred between the two. So, even if you take pride in your mixology skills and see yourself as more than a bartender, potential workplaces may value your skills all the same. 

2. Go To Bartending/Mixology School

Do you know what the best mixologists have in common? They all have training. You shouldn’t try to waltz into a career in mixology without the proper training; you’re not Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Go to bartending school, and really pay attention. Soak up the knowledge from professional bartenders with years of experience as that will help get you a great job in the future. 

3. Use the Connections You Make

Another reason to attend bartending school is that many courses come with a promise to help with job placement upon completion. It’s another matter of whether they’re bars you want to work at or would like to work at for a long while. Still, think of the connections you can make at bartending school (instructors, fellow students) as an asset in your job search. 

4. Learn To Walk Before You Run

Just out of bartending school? Don’t expect to lock in mixologist jobs at the highest-class bars around right away. Build up your experience at a bar that is more casual and laid back to start. Real-world experience can prepare you for the challenges of a mixologist career, and it’s an experience you can tout to stand out from other mixologists for hire when looking for other mixologist jobs in the future. 

5. Work as a Barback

One way to gain invaluable experience is to take work as a barback. Sure, cleaning the bar and bussing tables may not be the job you trained for, but you know what? It will teach you a lot about the reality of working at a bar, and could even help you discover the names of different drinks, and which are the most popular. Turn the bartender into a mentor, and ask them as many questions as you can. You’ll gain a familiarity with bar operations, which could help when interviewing for mixologist jobs. 

6. Look for Bars That Fit Your Style

Finding a bar that fits your style is key; you want the owners and patrons to both take a shine to you since that’s how you get regular shifts and tips! If you’re a showy mixologist, find a bar with a reputation for showmanship; if you’re more reserved, look for quieter ones. Before you try to work at a certain bar, visit in person during happy hour to see if the atmosphere is to your liking.

7. Try on a Bar for Size

Visiting a bar as a patron and liking the atmosphere is great, but it won’t tell you if you’ll actually like working there. The best thing to do is try working some shifts at different bars with Qwick and see what it’s like from the other side of the bar. Do the customers tip well? Is the owner or manager easy to work with or more strict? You’re not just building experience in this case; you’re doing the necessary homework. 

8. Practice Mixology at Home

Speaking of homework, do some at home: Try mixing drinks on your own, testing their look, alcohol content, and taste. Give them to your friends, and see what they think. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wild concoctions; that’s your job! You can build up a portfolio of sorts, giving you something to show an owner or senior bartender when you interview with them. 

9. Be Prepared for Anything at an Interview

Once you have an interview, you may be asked to show off your skills/training. Be prepared to answer questions about: 

  • Your relevant experience
  • Why you want to be a mixologist
  • How you work under pressure
  • How you deal with obviously inebriated customers
  • How to prioritize orders and multitask
  • Your favorite drinks to make and why

Practice your answers to common mixologist interview questions to ace your interviews!

10. Get Your Alcohol Awareness Certification

Finally, make sure you’re certified. Specifically, be sure that you have received your Alcohol Awareness Certification. Many bars only hire mixologists with this certification (for safety and liability reasons), and if you list it on your resume, you’ve got a leg up on the competition. 

Find Mixologist Shifts With Qwick

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