11 Best Gig Economy Apps for Extra Cash in 2021

11 Best Gig Economy Apps for Extra Cash in 2021
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Gig economy work relies heavily on temporary and flexible freelance work. Professionals looking to earn some extra money or practice their skills are the best candidates for gig positions. The best part about many gig economy opportunities is that they can be done online from home or within a close range of your current residence. So, how exactly do you find open gig positions quickly? There are plenty of apps out there that offer shifts and odd jobs, but we’ve created a list of the best gig apps to make the job hunt a little easier.

11 Best Gig Economy Apps for Extra Cash

We’ve researched the most popular gig economy apps around and created a cohesive list of the best gig apps to help you earn a little extra cash. From rideshare apps to skilled labor openings, check out our analysis below.

Skilled Labor


For all the food industry gurus out there, Qwick is the best gig economy app for you. Qwick is an on-demand hospitality and event industry staffing service company that connects skilled workers to flexible shifts with businesses in need of staff. Individuals looking to work as bartenders, line cooks, or banquet servers can find their next shift with Qwick.

The best part about Qwick is the incredible flexibility and freedom the app offers. With this platform, you choose the shifts you want. When and where are up to you, and you have the option to accept the positions that work for your needed income. Set your own hours doing jobs you enjoy at the touch of a button.

Qwick is available in 20+ major cities across the U.S. If they’re not in your city yet, they’re bound to be soon! 

Sign up for Qwick for free today and see what gigs await you. 


If you’re all about home improvement, Handy is the best gig app for you. Handy focuses their gig app on home cleaning and handyman services. With a flexible work schedule, you can manage your time and work as many hours as you please. Sign up on their site, let them know what type of work you’re looking for, and start making some hard-earned money. With Handy’s convenient tracking system, you can build credit using the app for anyone interested in renting a home or car.

Top professionals can make roughly $1,000 a week with Handy’s high-paying rates. It’s important to note, however, that professionals are considered independent contractors and are responsible for any cleaning or hardware supplies a job may require. Be sure to budget for what you’ll need when accepting each opening. 


TaskRabbit is the perfect gig app for anyone looking to pick up odd jobs for extra cash. TaskRabbit lets you pick from various tasks like assembling a table or planting flowers to keep you busy throughout the day. Becoming a Tasker is easy with their quick online registration. Once you’ve got your account, you can begin raking in positive reviews and increasing your prices as your skills grow.

With TaskRabbit, clients reach out to you. While this can be great for Taskers with glowing reviews and a wide range of skills, it can be a bit difficult to get started on the app. However, for dedicated employees, TaskRabbit offers the opportunity to grow brand awareness and expand your clientele at your fingertips. Each task also comes with its own price range, meaning you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be getting paid before accepting.


Thumbtack is another gig economy app that offers a wide variety of jobs that you can complete. Living in a state that sees a high average of snowfall each year? Get paid to snowplow someone’s driveway. Have a passion for renovations? Earn some extra cash by completing some interior painting. With Thumbtack, there’s a job for every skill.

Signing up with Thumbtack is as easy as 1-2-3. Create a profile, customize your settings to fit your skills, and wait for customer leads to appear. While the bidding process is relatively simple, one of the biggest challenges professionals face is the time-consuming process of going back and forth with customers. Since there may be multiple bids on a project, you may have to constantly lower your bid and wait to hear if you’ve been chosen.



If you enjoy driving around your town while helping people get to their destination safely, Uber is the gig economy app for you. As long as you don’t mind passing a background check and have a car that meets Uber’s standards, you can be a driver for the highly popular rideshare app.

Uber offers you the option to set your schedule, so you can work at whatever times fit your lifestyle. Payment depends on when, where, and how long you drive, but the entire process is done through your phone, so you can rest assured you’ll receive payment. The app service is available across the United States, and even in other countries, so you have the opportunity to work from anywhere.


Similar to Uber, LYFT is a rideshare app that offers you the opportunity to taxi people from location to location. LYFT makes it easy to earn extra cash with peak hours that offer more money for rides. Payment is based on the time and distance of your ride, plus any additional tips you make from the ride.

When it comes to any rideshare app, there’s always concern about the wear and tear on your car. With LYFT, you have the opportunity to use one of their LYFT Driver Centers that offers at-home repairs to damage done by drives. Ranked 4th on the LinkedIn Top Companies – Startups list, the rideshare app is an excellent addition to your income.

Food Delivery


Of all the most popular food delivery apps, GrubHub commonly pays the most. The delivery app features a payout option that shows you exactly how much you’ll make when you choose to take an order, including the tip. With this option available, it’s easy to find the orders in your area that will work best with the income you’re looking to bring home.

To become a driver with GrubHub, you’ll need a car, a valid I.D., car insurance, and a smartphone. If you meet those four qualifications, you’re all set to become a driver! Simply sign up, wait for the approval, and begin delivering. GrubHub lets you set your own hours as well, so you can make deliveries at any time. The major downfall to an app like this is the wear and tear that comes with the additional miles on your car.


If you’re looking for a food delivery service app that offers a decent amount of tips and bonus pay, we suggest checking out DoorDash. Like GrubHub, this food delivery app shows you the full amount you’ll make before you accept the job. You also have the opportunity to see just how close or far the order is, so you create a schedule that works with your location and schedule.

Registration for this app takes less than 5 minutes, and you can start orders as soon as you’ve been approved. In select cities, you may even have the opportunity to DoorDash on a bike if you’re unable to use a car. DoorDash around your hometown or make some extra cash as you visit different cities across the country.


Like the food delivery apps before it, UberEats gives you the option to become a delivery driver in your city. Don’t have a car? No worries, UberEats offers the chance to deliver on your scooter or bike as well. If you choose to use a car or scooter, you’ll need to submit a valid driver’s license and some form of vehicle insurance to be approved.

UberEats lets you earn extra cash as you drive around your favorite town. The innovative app offers driving suggestions to make navigating to restaurants and customers’ homes smooth and simple. Track your earnings using the app and earn cash daily or weekly.

Other Gig Apps 


Trusted by Facebook and Google, Fiverr is one of the best gig economy apps for freelancers looking to monetize their skills. Simply post your specialty on the app and wait for clients to contact you. Fiverr offers opportunities for jobs in areas such as graphic design, social media management, and programming. Simply sign up, post your gig with the skills you’re offering, and let clients find you. You may have to compete against some strong contenders at the start, but you’ll be a top professional before you know it.

This gig app offers a wide variety of job opportunities that can help you to grow in your career. However, for those just starting, the starting pay is $5 per project. As you accept more positions and receive glowing reviews for all your hard work, you’ll have the chance to set your own pay rates and increase your project income.


Upwork is home to one of the largest networks for freelance work. The app offers plenty of openings for skills like content writing, web development, and graphic design. Upwork is the perfect option for individuals looking to work from home via their computer. Every opening on Upwork is done online. Create a free account, show off your skills and experience on your profile, and start working.

With such a well-known platform, there’s bound to be plenty of competition. It can be frustrating when you’re just starting as a freelancer but try not to worry too much. Soon enough, you’ll be raking in high reviews and outranking your toughest competitors. Upwork stands out in the freelance world because it provides you the option to work temporarily, be hired for recurring projects, or even find a full-time position.

Start Earning Extra Cash with Qwick

Now that you’ve got an idea of the best gig economy apps to make some extra cash, it’s time to create your free profile. Qwick makes getting started easy with its mobile-friendly registration process. Qwick freelancers can enjoy the flexibility of deciding their own schedule and the ease of shifts coming straight to them with their advanced technology. Simply sign up, attend a virtual orientation, and begin accepting shifts. Happy earning!

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