How to Make Money Cooking in Side Hustles

How to Make Money Cooking in Side Hustles
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You have your day job, but maybe you’re interested in making some extra money. Side hustles have become popular in our modern society. From driving for Uber to delivering groceries, individuals are making more money in addition to their full time or part time positions.

The new gig economy offers a chance to monetize skills that you already hold. If you have talent in the kitchen, cooking as a side hustle may be an option for you. Many professional chefs are using websites to find extra shifts to make money by cooking for short-staffed restaurants. Others cook as private chefs or cater small events. The choice is up to you to find the right side hustle for your schedule!

How to Make Money Cooking in the Gig Economy

When you have a cook’s skills, many opportunities are available to you to gain extra money on the side. Keep reading to learn how to leverage your skills.

Types of Cooking Side Hustles

Food brings all groups of people together in all settings. Gig work is an exciting concept for cooks who want a taste of several venues and cooking capacities.

Temporary Line Cook

Temporary cooks prep, cook, and plate food under the instruction of a head chef. Temporary line cooks also coordinate with other permanent employees, such as other line cooks and kitchen staff. Temp line cooks must have the appropriate skills to adapt to a new working environment and learn a new menu in a short period. The possibilities are endless for line cooks—you can work at your favorite franchise or work shoulder to shoulder with chefs in high-end bistros.

Personal Chef

More and more people are hiring personal chefs to cook them meals when they are too busy. In fact, due to COVID-19, personal chefs saw a boom in opportunities. To be a personal chef, you will supply your tools and most likely the ingredients, so factor those costs into your pay rate. Your clientele will vary based on your availability and interest. Some clients may want ongoing contracts, while others may only require one-off arrangements.

Event Catering Worker

When event catering companies are short-staffed, they rely on temp banquet servers and event chefs to complete their catering staff at a moment’s notice. These events can range from weddings to parties to corporate events.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of positions that’ll allow you to make money cooking, but it should give you a good idea of the vast array of available options. Keep reading to learn more about how to make money cooking.

Resume Ideas for a Cooking Side Gig

When applying for short-term jobs as a cook, it is crucial to market yourself. Showcase your talent by introducing yourself and your work experience. Some things to include on your resume or cover letter:

1. Certifications.

There are several certifications, like food handler or food manager certification, available to chefs and cooks depending on their education level.

2. Specifications.

Specify what type of dishes you are experienced in cooking. These can include main entrees, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts.

3. Cleanliness.

Emphasize the importance of proper food handling and hygiene practices that you utilize at work in your restaurant.

4. Experience.

Share your experience in the field, specifically the type of restaurants you have worked in and in what capacity.

5. Time Management.

Explain how time management is one of your key qualifications, so your potential side gig will know that you make the most of the allotted time you are given.

How to Find Cooking Jobs

Once your resume and cover letter are prepped and ready, it’s time to find a cooking side hustle.

There are a few ways to find a temporary job to make money by cooking. Scouring job websites is the biggest and most obvious way to look for one. However, these can be tricky because most of the listings will be for part-time and full-time work versus a temporary job.

Use an On-demand Staffing Platform

The most efficient way to make money cooking on the side is through an on-demand staffing platform that connects you to individual shifts at various restaurants and businesses. Qwick is one of these platforms—you can easily sign up and be alerted when an available restaurant seeks a cook to cover a shift. This way, you can pick and choose which restaurants and which shifts you want to work.

Post Services Online

Posting your service online—on either social media or culinary-specific job boards—is the quickest way to get your name and services to the masses. By offering your services online, you can widen the types of clientele you want to cook for regularly. Just keep in mind that vetting inquiries can take up valuable time that you could use cooking.

Stay in the Industry Know

Another way to find a side hustle in cooking is word of mouth. You may already know other fellow chefs, line cooks, servers, or hosts who work in restaurants that may be understaffed at times. They can recommend you to their employer, and you can even send them your resume for consideration if they need a shift covered so you can continue earning money through cooking as a side hustle.

Use Qwick to Secure a Cooking Side Hustle

Qwick is an easy-to-use, professional platform for the hospitality industry that helps talented cooks, just like you, to secure shifts in the gig economy.

The process is simple! Sign up, attend a virtual orientation, and complete your Qwick profile. After, you’ll gain access to open shifts near you. Choose which shifts work best for your schedule and get to work.

It’s simple; it’s easy; it’s Qwick! Sign up for Qwick today to start your side gig and learn to make money by cooking in your spare time.

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