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Competitive Restaurant Server Resume: Tips & Examples

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Restaurant servers are the face of a dining establishment, providing personalized service in a fast-paced environment. With a wide range of responsibilities to juggle, servers need to be quick on their feet and have customer service skills down pat. As employers search for qualified candidates, the competition to find the perfect fit for their restaurant has become fierce. To get that restaurant server interview, you’ll need an outstanding resume.

If you want a restaurant server resume that’s as polished as fine silverware, read on!

How Would You Describe a Restaurant Server on a Resume?

Many restaurant servers wonder how to best convey their experience on a resume. After all, there’s a limited amount of space on that single sheet of paper. To maximize your resume’s effectiveness, frame your duties in past roles as accomplishments.

Take a look at your current resume and examine the descriptions you’ve created under each job. Do these descriptions help you stand out from other applicants, or do they sound somewhat generic? Rather than simply stating what tasks you were responsible for in the role, discuss what you achieved for the establishment.

For example, instead of saying, “I interacted with customers daily,” say, “I worked to resolve customer concerns and complaints effectively as reflected in my customer reviews.” This makes clear to a potential employer how you interacted with customers and the positive results.

As you can see, this shift showcases how the applicant’s actions contributed to their success in the past role. By implementing this change, you can turn your resume into a tool that wows employers instead of a document that simply lists your past jobs.

Top 5 Ingredients in a Quality Restaurant Server Resume

Next, we’re sharing the secret sauce that makes a great resume for a restaurant waitress or waiter. If you’re wondering what elements need to be included, we’re here to help. Read below to learn more about what will make your resume stand out from the rest!

Professional Summary

First and foremost, your resume for a restaurant server should have a professional summary at the beginning. This is the attention-grabber that makes you shine! Highlight who you are as a worker and a short overview of some of your skills. Employers want to get a quick introduction to who you are and why you want to work as a server in their restaurant. It may be helpful to end your summary with your goals as a server and how they can be used in the restaurant you are applying to.


While there are no formal education requirements for restaurant servers, it’s best to place your highest level of academic achievement on your resume. An academic credential, even a minor one, signals responsibility and dedication to an employer. If you’ve taken any restaurant management courses or completed restaurant training at a vocational school, showcase the achievement on your resume.


Now it’s time to showcase what you bring to the table. Writing about all the skills that make you a rockstar as a server in your resume will make an employer see you as the perfect fit. Skills are relevant to let the employer know that you have the right know-how to work as a server in their establishment. Make sure that they are relevant to the job that you are applying for. You should also include any certifications such as a food handler’s license or fingerprint clearance card.

There are two skills that are distinguished as hard skills and soft skills. It is important to know the difference between the two so whoever reviews your application can get a detailed look at the positive points about you as a restaurant server in your resume. Hard skills are teachable abilities that can be measured. On the other hand, soft skills are more about traits that show you would make a good employee.

Examples of Hard Skills:

  • Fluency in a second language
  • Knowledge of restaurant point of sales systems
  • Alcohol certification
  • Knowledge of food service regulations

Examples of Soft Skills:

  • Clear communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Compliance with restaurant policies
  • Teamwork

Work Experience

Your resume should feature the most recent position you’ve worked in at the top and then move down to the least recent. The employer generally wants to know what type of jobs you have had in the past and why they are relevant to the position you are applying for. There are over 2.6 million waiters and waitresses in the United States, so it’s important that the job you’re applying to knows your background.

The most recent job will tell them how long you worked there, what kind of position it was and how long ago you were employed there. Include your three to four most recent jobs. You don’t need to include every job you’ve ever had. Pick the ones that are most relevant to the restaurant server position you are applying for.

Contact Information

You want the employer to be able to easily reach you if they are interested in hiring you. Having the person reviewing your resume not be able to get a hold of you would be such a disappointment. Your contact information should include your first and last name, phone number and email address. Ensure that this info is easy to find, and it is usually at the top of a resume before the rest of your resume.

Resume for a Restaurant Server Example

Did someone order a top-notch resume? We created this sample resume from scratch with only the finest ingredients. From a polished professional summary to job descriptions that highlight workplace accomplishments, this resume for restaurant servers is here as a guide for you to follow.

An example restaurant server resume.

The above resume is an example of what your resume could look like. The resume is organized in easy-to-find categories so the employer can identify all of your credentials.

The contact information is easily visible at the top under the name, and sections are bolded for easy scanning. Notice that the job descriptions are in bullet points to make reading them quick and easy. On top of this, action words such as “multitasked,” “transitioned” and “ensured” convey the candidate’s effectiveness in the role.

Feel free to match your resume to the culture of the restaurant. For instance, if you’re applying to work at a fun and lively establishment, adding a bit of color (preferably the restaurant’s colors) to your resume is a subtle way to convey that you would fit in well. Above all, make sure that your resume conveys your skills and talents concisely and compellingly.

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