Guide to 7 Best Restaurant Positions to Work in

Guide to 7 Best Restaurant Positions to Work in
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Dishwashers elbow-deep in suds, line cooks shoulder to shoulder on the kitchen line, quick-footed bartenders behind the bar—cue our infatuation with the restaurant industry!

The hustle of the industry is breathtaking, and it couldn’t happen without the many restaurant professionals that staff them.

The COVID-19 pandemic had devastating effects on dine-in restaurants and their service workers. But with restrictions lifting and more patrons eager to rehash relationships over tapas, restaurants are on the rebound.

After a 19.2% drop in restaurant and bar sales during 2020, sales are projected to come roaring back in 2021 with 10.2% growth, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry Report.

There’s nothing better for Qwick professionals than an industry looking to hire. Not only can you find an endless supply of opportunities, but you also have the chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and grow into different positions. Check out our list below of the best restaurant jobs in the industry.

Front of House Restaurant Positions

Say hello to your next shift and a whole lot of new faces! Meet new people and enjoy the small talk of greeting every customer with one of these front of house positions.


As an expert at friendly conversation and social cues, a server knows just how to handle every type of customer. Gliding from table to table, servers can pick up on small details that improve the customer experience and have them leaving the restaurant with smiles on their faces. As a server, you’ll be spending your shifts taking orders and ensuring that customers are happy with their food.

If engaging in endless conversation every day is your thing, consider using using Qwick's professional platform to find your next shift.


As a bartender’s right-hand, you’ll be in charge of the heavy lifting and the non-alcoholic beverage orders. Since barbacks cannot serve alcohol, you’ll instead have the opportunity to wow customers with your Shirley Temple game. 


Ready to bustle around behind the bar cleaning glasses and restocking liquor shelves? Find your next local barback shift with Qwick.

Food Runner

Those skilled in the art of balance already fulfill one of the job requirements of being a food runner. This fast-paced restaurant position requires expert balance and navigation skills as you carry multiple trays of food through the obstacle course of a busy restaurant. Food runners should also be ready to quickly memorize an order and deliver the correct plates to each customer.

Food runners can easily find flexible work with Qwick

Back of House Restaurant Positions 

Savory appetizers, delectable entrees, and sweet desserts—oh my! Wow customer palettes with your culinary skills in one of these vital back-of-house restaurant positions.

Short-Order Cook

Who doesn’t love dinner with a show? As a short-order cook, you get to be the performer of the night! Though this restaurant position is grouped with the back-of-house openings, short-order cooks tend to find themselves cooking up quick meals while chatting away with the customers seated on the other side of the diner counter. Professionals willing to learn how to efficiently use flat-top grills should look into this restaurant job title.

Prep Cook

With a constant stream of orders, there’s not enough time to cut every vegetable as it’s ordered. Enter prep cooks—the essential people who assist in the food preparation process. Whether it’s washing and chopping up vegetables, cutting meat, or measuring out ingredients, prep cooks make the entire cooking process run smoother. Most kitchens require little to no experience to apply for this restaurant position, so you have the opportunity to learn on the job.

Line Cook

Calling all cook connoisseurs! If you’re able to memorize the ingredients of menu items and quickly sauté an order, the line cook restaurant job title might be for you. Much like being a prep cook, many restaurants accept entry-level professionals for this position, so there’s no need to worry about your experience level.


Roll up your sleeves, grab a sponge, and scrub away! Customers don’t want to eat at a restaurant that uses dirty silverware, which is why dishwashers are a crucial part of the team. In this position, you’ll play a key behind-the-scenes role in the overall hygiene of the restaurant. Plus, who doesn’t love the stress relief that comes with scrubbing away the mess? Accept your next shift today with Qwick.

Enjoy Your Next Shift With Qwick

Now that you better understand the seven best restaurant positions, it’s time to find your next shift. Qwick’s professional platform for the hospitality industry provides the flexibility to choose the shifts that match your interests within a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Once you’ve signed up and completed orientation, our advanced matching algorithm sends shifts right to your phone so you never have to hunt for openings again. 

Sign up for free today and see what opportunities await you. 

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