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2022 Guide to Server Minimum Wage in San Antonio, Texas


In today’s complex economic landscape, understanding minimum wage laws is extremely important both for restaurant owners and servers alike. Minimum wage laws are designed to prevent employee exploitation. 

These laws will differ depending on where you live. If you’re a restaurant owner or server in San Antonio, Texas, this guide is for you! We’ll cover the minimum wage in San Antonio, Texas, standard livable wages, and on-site staffing solutions for operation demand. 

Minimum Wage in San Antonio, Texas

As it stands, the San Antonio minimum wage in 2022 remains at $7.25 per hour—the same as the current federal minimum wage rate. The last time Texas raised the minimum wage was back in 2009 when it was increased from $6.55. Almost every employer across several occupations is subject to these regulations. However, exceptions do exist. 

Workers considered exempt employees are not required to receive $7.25 per hour. Student employees, workers with disabilities, and those younger than 20 years of age are exempt from minimum wage rights. In fact, federal law allows Texas businesses to pay a new employee under the age of 20 a wage of just $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of employment. 

So, let’s talk about servers. Servers are considered “tipped employees.” The tipped minimum wage in Texas stands at $2.13 per hour. In this case, servers earn tipped credits, which are meant to supplement wages via tips. If you make enough in tips to reach $7.25 per hour, your employer won’t have to make up the difference. Otherwise, your employer must pay the difference between the minimum cash wage and your tips to ensure that you reach $7.25 per hour.     

Finally, Texas employees are entitled to $10.88 per hour for overtime work. This means that non-exempt employees receive 1.5 times the regular minimum wage for overtime work. 

What is the Living Wage in San Antonio?

Now that we’ve covered minimum wage in San Antonio, Texas, it is time to turn our attention to living wages. A living wage is exactly what it sounds like: an acceptable level of income needed to support oneself and cover basic living expenses such as food, housing, healthcare, transportation, etc. As is the case with other locations around the country, the standard living wage in San Antonio changes depending on several economic and social factors. 

For example, a single adult working full-time (40 hours per week) with no dependents has a living wage of $15.43 per hour. In this scenario, a worker must reach that designated amount to cover their living expenses in San Antonio. The more dependents you have, the higher your living wage. Two full-time working adults with two dependents have a living wage of $21.90. 

A server working full-time in San Antonio should expect an average wage of $15.43 per hour. Assuming they work five days a week, eight hours a day, this amount adds up to an average of $617.20 per week. 

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Why Understanding Minimum Wage Laws is Crucial

Just like anywhere across the United States, minimum wage laws in San Antonio, Texas are designed to prevent employee exploitation and reduce overall uncertainty regarding income rights.        

Whether you’re a hospitality worker looking to increase your earnings in the service industry or a business owner hoping to keep up with business demands and improve customer satisfaction, see how Qwick can help you

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