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We get it. Some days, being a server doesn’t feel worth the effort. You know the days when they’re happening — every check you pick up has a disappointingly small tip, and you’re constantly doing the math to work out how much you’re earning for every hour you’re working.

We’ve all been there. And we’ve also been on the other side of that — those incredible days when every table has a big tipper with an even bigger wallet. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have those days and not the bad kind?

You can. With the lessons we discuss below, you can learn how to make more tips as a server and leave work with more in your pocket every single day. Read on to learn (and earn) more. 

How To Get More Tips As a Server: 5 Tips

Understanding how to get more tips as a waitress or waiter starts with implementing a few simple lessons. So, let’s get meta: Here are five tips for getting more tips.

1. Understand the Psychology of Getting Better Tips

Some people think being a server is easy. You just go in, take orders and bring out the food. But you know it’s much more than that. There’s a fair amount of psychology involved in keeping your customers happy.

And while much of the psychology of getting better tips is related to your customers’ happiness, there’s actually more to it. What we’re saying is that you might want to do a little reading. 

Believe it or not, there is academic research on how to make more tips as a server. If you read it, you’ll have a leg up on your fellow servers and start raking in the dough.

For example, one study conducted in 2018 found that tipping in restaurants is often a function of social pressure and that diners are more likely to tip more when they believe others in their party might out-tip them. Separate checks, anyone?

2. Use Qwick To Maintain a Flexible Schedule

Anyone who has worked more than a week as a restaurant server can tell you that the shift you get matters a lot when it comes to how much you’re going to make in tips. It’s not just about the day, either — it’s about the time of day. 

But how do you control that when you’ve got a manager making your schedule and a bunch of your fellow servers competing with you for the prime shifts? In a typical restaurant setting, you really can’t. The good news is that there’s an alternative: It’s Qwick.

Qwick connects servers with open shifts at restaurants all over the place. And you only take the shifts you want. That means you can select the shifts that earn tips and choose those you believe will yield a lot of tables and, by extension, a lot of tips. It’s hard to come up with a faster or better way to get bigger tips as a server. Download the Qwick app to get started.

3. Learn the Menu Backward and Forward

Tipping has a lot to do with the quality of service, but that’s not the only factor that determines the tip you get. In fact, dozens of smaller factors can add up to much bigger tips. 

One of those smaller factors involves your knowledge of the menu. You need to be a scholar of the menu — study it and learn its intricacies; form opinions about the best foods and drinks, as well as ideal pairings. That way, you’re not just taking orders — you’re serving as a guide on a food safari that creates a more memorable and enjoyable experience for your tables.

That’s inevitably going to lead to bigger tips. And it might even create some repeat customers who ask to be seated in your section.

4. Maximize the Giveaways

If you have coupons to give out, use them. Don’t hold back. Why? Because people love getting something for free. And if you give your customers a coupon they can use to get something for free, they’re going to perceive your service to them as more valuable. And that’s likely to encourage them to increase your tip.

5. Read Those Orders Back

Here’s a hard number on how to make more tips as a server: 68%. That’s how much higher tips were when servers repeated orders back to their customers after taking them, according to a series of psychological experiments meant to study tipping behavior.

It’s not only a simple tactic that’s been proven to increase your tips, but it’s also a way to make sure you’re not making any mistakes or misunderstanding anything. That way, you can stop tip-destroying errors before they happen and drive those tips even higher.

How To Get Bigger Tips As a Server? Take Control With Qwick

Much of the advice surrounding how to make more tips as a server is about one thing: taking control. Whether it’s taking control of your tables’ experience or taking control of the shifts you work, when you’re in control, you have more power over the tips you receive. 

The first step in learning how to get bigger tips as a server is taking control of the shifts you work. And Qwick can help you with that. With Qwick, you work only the shifts you choose at a wide variety of restaurants in your area. It’s easy and free, and it pays fast.

Want to learn more about how Qwick can help you make more tips as a server? Download Qwick now.

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