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20 Summer Jobs Perfect for College Students in Need of Cash

20 Summer Jobs Perfect for College Students in Need of Cash
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Look, we understand. College is expensive. There’s tuition, housing, transportation, personal expenses, books, etc. On top of that, you need to figure out how to prepare for life post-graduation. This is where a summer job comes in handy.


We compiled a list of the best summer jobs for college students you can consider, many of them part-time with flexible schedules. Time to polish your resume! 

20 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

There are plenty of college student summer jobs out there. Find your perfect role in the list below.

1. Online Tutor

Use your academic skills to help those in need. Online tutoring is a great way to develop critical teaching, communication, and organizational skills. Plus, you can work from the comfort of your home, provided you have a reliable internet connection.  

2. Server

Working as a server is a great way to develop multitasking skills in a fast-paced environment. You will learn how to communicate with customers professionally while problem-solving on the fly. Depending on the establishment and your performance, you can expect high earnings in tips

Find open server shifts near you with Qwick. Qwick is perfect for college students because you get to set your own schedule, unlike most serving jobs!

3. Babysitter

Parents are likely to turn to babysitters at some point, and if you’re good with kids this could be a lucrative and fun summer job for you. However, keep in mind that it is a parental role that requires patience and the ability to act quickly when problems arise. Care.com is a great place to start when looking for babysitting or caregiving opportunities. 

4. Barista

Working as a barista is a wonderful way to flex your customer service skills while gaining valuable experience in the service industry. You will learn coffee recipes, prepare orders based on customer preferences, and operate in a fast-paced environment. Plus, you’ll learn how to work under pressure… and what college student doesn’t like free coffee? 

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5. Lifeguard

If you enjoy spending your summers hanging by the pool, then a lifeguard position might be for you. While this may seem like a laid-back job, candidates must be physically fit, swim rapidly, and have medical training to respond to emergencies if needed. Check with your community pool, summer camps, and waterparks near you to see if there are any lifeguard openings.

6. Retail Associate

A retail associate must be able to interact with customers politely, introduce them to promotions, and have a deep understanding of a company’s products or services. This is a great position if you want to improve your customer engagement skills. Additional responsibilities can include operating a cash register, tidying up, and actively driving sales. Plus, depending on where you work, you can typically expect a solid discount which is a great perk for a college student! 

7. Dog Walker

How would you like to spend your afternoons walking a furry friend? As a paid animal care worker, you’ll be responsible for taking other people’s dogs on walks, cleaning up after them, and ensuring they remain well-hydrated. For dog walking opportunities, download Rover or Wag today!

8. Receptionist

A receptionist must interact with customers, handle client information diligently, work well with computers, and maintain proper documentation. Regardless of the establishment, you will be expected to execute excellent communication, organization, and time management skills. Hair and nail salons, community centers, car dealerships, and gyms are all places that may need a receptionist.

9. Line Cook

Put your leadership and culinary skills to the test as a line cook. Essential responsibilities include managing stations, preparing dishes, and sanitizing the work area. Time management and communication skills are essential for this role. 

10. Delivery Driver

Do you work well behind the wheel under strict time limits? If so, then a delivery driver opening is just what you need. Restaurants, warehouses, and even the postal service are always on the lookout for delivery drivers. Candidates must have a clean driving record along with a valid driver’s license. Just don’t forget to download some good podcasts or playlists for the road!      

11. Camp Counselor

If you have fond memories of going to camp as a kid, maybe it’s time you went back as a camp counselor! You’ll gain leadership skills, guide team-building activities, and have the opportunity to serve as a role model. You help establish a positive outdoor experience for others while taking a break from modern-day distractions. Not to mention all of your classmates will definitely be jealous of your friendship bracelet collection when you return to campus. 

12. Freelance Web Designer

Put your web development skills to the test as a freelance web designer. You’ll be a part of a team that manages websites, updates existing pages, and improves a client’s online presence. It’s also up there in terms of a highest-paying summer job for college students. Upwork is a great place to search for clients in need of designers. 

13. Office Assistant

Office assistants are responsible for clerical duties, including appointment scheduling, data entry, photocopying, routing phone calls, etc. This is a great opportunity to flex your multitasking, communication, and organizational skills. Not to mention these skills will boost your resume for future roles!

14. Housekeeper

Housekeepers must be prepared to handle all levels of dirtiness… so just cleaning your room is probably not enough preparation for this job. Housekeepers must be able to meet the demands of a homeowner within an established timeframe. Successful housekeepers are transparent, honest, communicative, and bring an impressive toolkit of supplies with them to every job.

15. Landscaper

While this may not be an ideal job for everyone, landscaping is a nice alternative to an office setting. You can find a local company hiring landscapers and gain valuable manual labor experience and gardening know-how. Essential responsibilities include mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, and trimming trees. 

16. Campus Tour Guide

Are you eager to act as an ambassador for your university and welcome the next generation of students? If so, consider working as a campus tour guide. You’ll guide prospective students and their families across campus, provide interesting information, and showcase the unique culture of your university.

17. Library Assistant

There is nothing quite like the peaceful setting of a library. Library assistants organize materials, assist patrons, and handle administrative tasks on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the summer months tend to be the slowest at academic libraries, but it’s still worth looking into. 

18. Peer Tutor

Harness your academic skills for the greater good by helping students succeed in their summer courses. This could involve helping students write their essays, tutoring them in calculus, or guiding them through the complex world of organic chemistry. You’ll gain interpersonal and mentoring skills while you rake in the cash. 

19. Summer Intern

Internships are stepping stones towards gaining valuable experience in your selected field, and can help you get in the doors of a company you’re interested in working at after college. While paid openings are available, many are unpaid and are instead compensated through course credits. Assess your financial situation before seeking an internship, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. 

20. Nanny

Nannies operate on a more full-time basis than babysitters, and often for a particular family. You’ll be seen as a trustworthy caregiver as you take on responsibilities like helping with homework, preparing meals, and providing emotional support when needed. Care.com is a great place to find nannying jobs for the summer. And if you play your cards right, some families even invite their nannies to accompany them on summer vacation to help with the kids! 

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