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The Best Hospitality Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

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Folks who’ve spent time in Jacksonville, Florida, know "Jax" is considered one of the most value-friendly travel destinations in the USA. What’s so alluring about Jacksonville? Take a look around! 

With 22 miles of beaches, the largest urban park system in the country, and top-rated restaurants, Jax is a “little big city” ripe with opportunities for residents, visitors, and the hospitality professionals who serve them all. 

Jacksonville’s reputation as a value-friendly destination has a lot to do with the experiences people have there. You can add to that value by getting yourself hospitality jobs in Jacksonville, FL. Let’s take a look at how you can find one and make your own contribution to the First Coast.

The Best Hospitality Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

With the 5th hottest job market in America, Jacksonville is a great place to live and work. How and in which sub-industries can you find the best hospitality jobs Jacksonville, FL can provide? And, how can you be sure they’re right for you? Read on to learn about the different opportunities available to hospitality freelancers in the area.  

Seafood Restaurants Aplenty

If you love seafood, you're in the right place at the right time in Jacksonville. With restaurants specializing in Mayport shrimp, garlic crabs, and more, there is almost always a need for more hands on deck to help make and serve it all. 

Don't know much about seafood? Don't worry about it; you'll be very familiar with she-crab soup, salmon patties, and shrimp and grits once you've spent time working in Jax seafood restaurants.

Bring Refreshments to the Masses

Jacksonville is a city where people spend a lot of time outdoors, and in summer, that means they'll need refreshments when out and about. At home, you might get honey drippers from your next-door neighbor, but tourists don't have that option. So, they flock to restaurants and refreshment stands that serve them. 

In summer and fall, you can be sure to bring in the funds as you serve fresh and fruity concoctions. Check out beach clubs, golf courses, and event venues for open bartending and concessions roles. 

Hotels Need Your Help

Remember, Jacksonville is a value-friendly place, so it can get a lot of tourists. And all of those tourists? Well, they need somewhere to stay! The truth is, local hotels aren't just booming when everyone travels in the summer; a Jaguars game in the fall can bring in NFL fans from across the country in need of a place to stay. 

You can gain experience and show off the excellence in the hospitality staffing Jacksonville provides by working at one of Jax's many boutique hotels

Private Dining in Restaurants and Banquets

One good way to pick up shifts and earn some money working hospitality jobs in Jacksonville, FL is by working weddings and banquets. This sort of work is especially good for those who aren’t too keen on working full time hours. Many restaurants in Jax offer private dining rooms and host a variety of events, from corporate meals to wedding rehearsal dinners and more. 

There are banquet shifts to be found throughout the year, and there are always businesses looking for people to work them!

How To Find the Best Hospitality Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Now that you know about some of the best hospitality jobs that bring with them the most opportunity, here’s what you can do to be sure you’re getting all the shifts you want. 

Find Hospitality Shifts With Qwick 

Because of the city's reputation and popularity, you may find that plenty of other people also want to work hospitality jobs in Jacksonville. One way you can skip ahead of the line is by looking to work individual shifts instead of applying for a job.

Qwick is a professional platform that allows hospitality freelancers the chance to find shifts that fit their schedule. Not only can you work when you want, but where you want as well. Qwick freelancers are matched with shifts at bars, restaurants, hotels, and event venues throughout Jacksonville and get to choose the ones they want to work, no strings attached! 

Ready to get started? Sign up for Qwick today! You can be on your way to picking up open shifts in no time. Once onboarded, finding shifts is fast and easy. The best part? You can even get paid in as little as 30 minutes after your shift!

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