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Game Day Staffing: Qwick's Partnership with the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee

Game Day Staffing: Qwick's Partnership with the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee
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Arizona is still reeling from the excitement of hosting football’s biggest game in the Phoenix metro area, Qwick’s flagship market! 

Along with Valley of the Sun locals who enjoyed the festivities, Arizona welcomed upwards of a hundred thousand out-of-state sports fans for the big game (and the WM Phoenix Open, which took place simultaneously). Visitors enjoyed local bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other event venues, including many concerts, festivals, and experiences created just for the occasion. 

In hospitality terms, this stretched the regular rush into a constant rush! The entire Valley geared up for months to prepare for the surge of guests. In the weeks and days leading up to game day, the local hospitality industry was running on all cylinders to show sports fans a great time in the 48th state.

Qwick was hard at work behind the scenes for local businesses providing freelance staff to serve many, many Super Bowl-loving guests.

The Official Staffing Partner of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee 

With our main offices in Scottsdale and having served the Phoenix metro since 2018, we teamed up with The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee as their Official Staffing Partner for the festivities. The Host Committee’s Kyle Hedstrom, Senior Vice President of Finance and Economic Impact, said in a statement for the Phoenix Business Journal, “Our work with stakeholders to ensure the Valley and surrounding areas are equipped to provide the best experience is perfectly complemented by Qwick's network.”

Our professionals showcased their food service skills working with caterers and Qwick business partners at the Super Bowl Experience presented by Lowe’s @ Phoenix Convention Center, the Super Bowl Media Party at the Farm at South Mountain, Super Bowl Experience presented by Lowe’s @ Hance Park, the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee House presented by AB, and both the AFC and the NFC Tailgate parties on game day.

In all, we staffed 199 unique Arizona businesses in the two weeks leading up to game day and filled 1,679 shifts during this time. This meant not just great things for Qwick’s business partners and professionals, but guests, too, who received top-notch service during busy times. 

Our work with stakeholders to ensure the Valley and surrounding areas are equipped to provide the best experience is perfectly complemented by Qwick's network.

The Qwick crew had tons of fun assisting across town, and lucky professionals were even surprised with special treats from our team and Short Leash Hot Dogs + Rollover Doughnuts. Because who doesn’t enjoy a post-shift snack?

Catering the Crowds

Rebekah Goldman, Director of Logistics for Artisan by Santa Barbara, the catering arm of The Farm at South Mountain commented in a conversation with FOX 10 reporter Steve Nielsen, “We know it’s going to be way more business than we’re used to doing, and we have to be prepared for it.” Rebekah’s Artisan and The Farm hosted the Super Bowl Media Party and 3,000 guests on a single night just days before Super Bowl Sunday. 

The last time the Valley hosted the big game in 2015, Rebekah was Artisan’s executive chef. Before Qwick, she had to fly in other catering companies to help staff her events when demand soared. This time around, having used Qwick since 2018, Rebekah had a new game plan and harnessed the power of local professionals through our platform. She posted 70 shifts which we successfully filled with experienced, local talent. 

When asked about hosting such a large catering event in 2023, Rebekah told the Business Journal, “This is when we get to—as caterers—put on a show, execute the events we want to without restrictions and get to watch guests enjoy it again.”

Ample Opportunity for Hospitality Professionals in AZ 

With an eye toward continued professional and business partner success, for the FOX 10 news report, our Chief Marketing Officer Retta Kekic explained, “Especially over the next few months, we have shifts left and right. If you're working 9 to 5 and you're a bartender, jump on the Qwick platform and pick up shifts that work on your schedule.”

Signing up to accept shifts on the Qwick platform is simple. Sign up here, download the Qwick for Professionals app, attend a virtual orientation, and we’ll match you with shifts that fit your skill set (and your schedule, because it’s entirely up to you!) 

Qwick is Here for Your Game Day Staffing Needs 

We look forward to continuing our support of sporting events across our 25 (and counting) US markets. We’re always here to help match caterers, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, and more with experienced professionals for daily staffing, last minute needs, or large events. 

Create an account today and mark staffing off your to-do list. 

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