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Dishwasher Job Description: What to Include

Dishwasher Job Description: What to Include
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Restaurant dishwashers are the glue that holds back of house restaurant operations together. With new orders flowing in and a limited amount of kitchen tools and dishes available, the constant need for cleaning can’t be ignored.

On top of this, cleanliness plays a pivotal role in the dining experience. In fact, 85% of diners would not visit a restaurant that received poor online reviews in regards to cleanliness, according to a Harris Poll. In short, dishwashers are essential to any restaurant, and crafting the ideal job description is important.

To create a restaurant dishwasher job description that attracts the qualified employees you need, keep reading!

Write a Spotless Dishwasher Job Description

So, it’s time to bring on new back of house staff. A well-written and specific job description can help you find reliable and efficient workers to keep the kitchen spick and span.

From daily dishwasher duties to desired qualifications, there are certain crucial components that every restaurant dishwasher job description should include. Before you post your virtual “help wanted” sign online, check that the elements below are in place.

Job Title

We’ll start at the top of the dishwasher job description and work our way down. First up is the job title. A word of advice—save the creative names for your cocktail menu. When it comes to writing the job title, a simple name is best.

The position should be clear to an applicant from one glance. A job posting that is titled “Restaurant Dishwasher” makes for a lot less confusion than one titled “SudsBuster” or “Bubble Dancer.” Since the goal is to attract qualified applicants, not confuse them, stick to an easy to understand job label.

Dishwasher Job Summary

Next up, present the role in a succinct job summary. This is your chance to introduce the restaurant and lightly touch on the role. To make this section shine:

  • Share a bit about your establishment and what makes it special.
  • Briefly outline what the employee will do and why the role matters.

To open, share a detail about the mission of the establishment and what sets it apart. For instance, a family-owned restaurant can emphasize its mission to bring high-quality service and a casual atmosphere to guests.

Next, touch on the primary goal of the dishwasher role. You don’t need to specify exactly what the employee expectations are just yet. Instead, just mention a key component of the role, namely that this person will be responsible for sanitizing kitchen and dining tools.

Lastly, discuss how the role will play a part in this mission. This is where you discuss how a clean and organized kitchen is the starting point for everything your restaurant offers.

By tying the dishwasher role into your restaurant’s greater mission, you emphasize the value that this team member will bring. Once you wrap this section up, it’s time to move on to the main portion of the dishwasher job description.

Dishwasher Duties & Responsibilities

The goal of this section is to give applicants an understanding of what is expected of them on the job. An unclear explanation of dishwasher duties can dampen your job description. So include a bulleted list of the exact tasks the employee will carry out.

To ensure the job description is accurate and as comprehensive as possible, ask your current employees to look over the list of dishwasher responsibilities and let you know if anything is missing or needs revisions. Alternatively, you can consult your employee handbook to review the employee rules and HR policy.

For a pristine list of restaurant dishwasher responsibilities, be sure to add duties including:

  • Cleaning dishes, silverware, kitchen tools, and other essential items
  • Bussing tables when needed and supporting other back of house staff
  • Abiding by all restaurant safety and sanitation standards

Now that the responsibilities are spelled out, it’s time for the final section.

Dishwasher Skills & Qualifications

To round out the dishwasher job description, write up a list of must-have skills and qualifications. Displaying the necessary skills is a great way to deter candidates who are not a good fit from applying. Plus, taking the time to craft this section will help you clarify what you’re looking for.

Because the fast-paced kitchen environment is not for everyone, add a soft skill like “can work well under pressure” to signal that the applicant needs to expect a busy environment.

Qualifications like a food handler’s license and a high school diploma are two that many eateries require, but your list should not stop there.

Physical requirements should also go in this section. Include the amount of time an applicant should be able to be on their feet, how much weight they should be able to lift, and other aspects that display the job’s physical demands.

Dishwasher Job Description Template

If your current restaurant dishwasher job description needs a refresh, the template below offers a clean slate. Feel free to use this as a framework for your dishwasher job description and add unique details to make it pertinent to your establishment.

Restaurant Dishwasher

Harvest Provisions is a farm to table restaurant that brings delicious in-season food to guests’ plates and great career opportunities to employees. Our group of hardworking, foodie team members is dedicated to providing the community with top-tier service in a casual dining setting. The dishwasher plays a vital role in creating a clean and vibrant experience for every guest.

Here’s How You’ll Help Us Stay Fresh:

  • Make sure that clean utensils, plates, and kitchen tools are available for chefs and line cooks
  • Keep the kitchen stations clean and ready for use
  • Run the dishwashing machine routinely, mop the kitchen floor, and bus tables
  • Adhere to hygiene and food safety guidelines at all times

You Posses:

  • The ability to work in a fast-paced setting
  • Prioritize tasks and complete them on time
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • A flexible schedule that allows you to work weekends and holidays if needed

Physical Requirements:

  • Lift up to 50 pounds
  • Stay on your feet for hours at a time

Perks of Joining the Harvest Provisions Team: 

From discounts at all our sister restaurants to opportunities for growth and increased earnings, there are so many reasons that Harvest Provision employees love being part of the team! Enjoy the benefits by applying today.

Soak In The Benefits of On-Demand Hiring

There’s no need to scour job boards to find kitchen staff. Let a reliable dishwasher come to you with the touch of a button. Qwick is an on-demand staffing platform connects you with qualified hospitality professionals in real time.

To find a restaurant dishwasher quickly with Qwick, simply create an account and post your open shifts to the platform. Then, your role will be matched with skilled professionals who can view and accept the shift. Before you know it, they’ll be showing up ready to work! 

Get the back of house support you need without the typical stress of the hiring process. Get started with Qwick today!

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