7 Independent Contractor Jobs To Give Your Wallet a Boost

7 Independent Contractor Jobs To Give Your Wallet a Boost
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Ever wanted to be your own boss? Interested in setting your own schedule? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, the independent contractor lifestyle may be for you! Read on to learn more about becoming an independent contractor and the best 1099 job opportunities. 

What Are Independent Contractors? 

First things first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. What is an independent contractor?

Independent contractors are individuals who provide a service for others without being an employee of a company. In a sense, they work for themselves to complete jobs for other individuals or businesses.

Because independent contractors aren’t managed by a company, independent contractors must manage their own taxes. And, at times, navigate unemployment as a 1099. Being a 1099 worker isn’t all paperwork, though.  

Being an independent contractor has plenty of perks, including flexible schedules, diverse gigs, and, in some cases, higher income. Independent contractor jobs can also help you hone your skills and build your resume all while offering the freedom and flexibility to work when you see fit.

So independent contractor jobs are a perfect fit for those who want professional autonomy. Is that you? If so, it’s time to find an independent contractor job that fits your skills. Keep reading.

Best Independent Contractor Jobs

Do you feel at home in the hospitality industry? Have another marketable skill? Independent contractors work in various positions across a wide range of industries. Take a moment to evaluate this list of independent contractor jobs and consider what positions may be the best for you.

Experienced in food & beverage? Head over to Qwick to see what opportunities are available in the hospitality and restaurant industry! Here are some of the best independent contractor jobs available.

Restaurant Industry


As a barback, you’ll be responsible for the heavy lifting and ensure that your bartender has all the glasses, bottles, and garnishes they’ll need to serve customers. You’ll also have the opportunity to wow customers with your non-alcoholic beverage-making skills. 

Not sure where to find barback jobs? Qwick can easily match you with a local opening and have you behind the bar in no time!

Restaurant Server

Calling all conversationalist gurus—we’ve got the best 1099 job for you! Those who are passionate about delivering first-rate service may enjoy a job as a restaurant server. You’ll be working closely with guests to take orders and ensure they have a fantastic experience at the restaurant. In addition, you’ll serve dishes, communicate with the kitchen staff, and check in on guests regularly. 

Start brightening guests’ dining experiences with your friendly face today using Qwick! After a brief orientation, you’ll be able to accept server shifts to earn some extra cash. 

Line Cooks 

Cooking extraordinaires are lining up to take part in one of the best 1099 jobs: line cook! Delight your guests and leave them feeling full and content after eating one of your delicious meals. As a line cook, you’ll be responsible for handling food preparation to create the beautifully crafted dishes placed in front of each guest.

Most restaurants do require previous experience in a restaurant kitchen, but some may be willing to give new chefs a chance to flaunt their skills. Signing up for Qwick can help you find an available line cook position that matches your qualifications!

Creative Arts Industry

Website Designer

In such a digital world, businesses are always looking for new and improved ways to update their website. That’s where website designers come in! This job does require a bit of technological knowledge and software skills, but it’s well worth the time and effort it takes to learn this information. You’ll spend your days crafting websites for clients, plus setting your own schedule and rates to fit your needs. 


If you enjoy spending your days behind a camera, you may want to consider becoming a freelance photographer. The best part about this 1099 job? There’s a variety of photography needs, so you can spend your days taking pictures of scenery for stock photos or capturing beautiful moments throughout a wedding day. Photographers typically make a higher income with fewer hours of work as well, so this is a great part-time gig that can help you earn some quick cash! 

Freelance Writer

Extra! Extra! Read all about it — being a  freelance writer is another great 1099 job. Many businesses are looking for freelance writers to create engaging content that will draw in potential clients. In this role, you’ll spend your days piecing together articles that answer questions and encourage readers to use a certain product or service. You’ll have the flexibility to work when you want according to deadlines and take on as many or as few articles as you see fit. 

Outdoor Services


The final position on our list of independent contractor gigs is a landscaper. Spend your days out in nature as you trim hedges and help flowers prosper. You’ll need to bring along sunscreen and the necessary equipment for each project, so be sure to budget ahead for this investment. As long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you’ll love this 1099 job! 

Where to Find Independent Contractor Gigs

So, where exactly can you find these gig positions? Discover your next 1099 gig using platforms such as:

  • Qwick. Our professional platform evaluates your interests and skills to connect you with the right gigs for you. 
  • Fivver. With over 300 categories, freelancers will have no problem finding the right gig for them with Fiverr. 
  • TaskRabbit. This gig platform offers same-day services for Professionals interested in moving, delivery, or handyman services. 
  • Upwork. Known as the “World’s Work Marketplace”, Upwork connects businesses with freelancers, independent contractors, and agencies alike. 
  • Craigslist. Find freelance gigs right where you are using Craigslist. 

Become an Independent Contractor with Qwick

As you continue your journey as an independent contractor, consider using Qwick to make your days easier! Instead of spending precious hours scrolling through page after page of listings, you’ll have access to open gig positions in your area right at your fingertips. Qwick freelancers can use our app to enter their interests and schedule availability to match with gigs right away. Simply create an account, attend a virtual orientation, and start receiving Qwick shifts! 

Sign up for Qwick today and become your own boss! 

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