Flexible Food Service Jobs in Los Angeles

Why Work in the Los Angeles Restaurant Scene

LA is known for much more than just the Hollywood sign and sunny weather. The local food scene is poppin’ too! There are so many fantastic restaurants in the City of Angels. From fresh seafood to authentic Italian cuisine, LA has it all. Working food service jobs in Los Angeles has its perks. Many restaurants in the LA area have caring owners who pay their staff well and provide great healthcare benefits.

If you are looking for restaurant jobs in Los Angeles, Qwick has you covered! Qwick is an on-demand staffing platform that connects local businesses to Professionals looking for food service jobs in Los Angeles. Signing up is easy, and then you can accept open shifts right from your phone and get paid almost instantly.

Flexible Food Service Jobs in Los Angeles

There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to restaurant jobs in Los Angeles. Here are 10 food service jobs in LA that are great positions to make money on nights and weekends.

1. Server

Restaurant servers are vital restaurant representatives. Besides the cooks, they play the most important role in customer experience. Spend your time taking orders, making small talk with customers, and delivering delicious food that wows as a server. Finding server jobs in Los Angeles is simple with Qwick!

Average server salary in Los Angeles: $36,329 per year

2. Chef

Are you always getting compliments on your cooking skills? If you have experience as a chef, you know that it is one of the best restaurant jobs in Los Angeles. Who doesn’t love creating magnificent dishes that have guests in awe? Bon appétit!

Average chef salary in Los Angeles: $50,514 per year

3. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to restaurant positions, but they are vital to a smooth operation. This food service role keeps everything sanitary behind the scenes so customers have top-notch experiences at the restaurant.

Average dishwasher salary in Los Angeles: $30,282 per year

4. Busser

Bussers are quick on their feet and ready to work. They spend their shift clearing off tables and tossing leftover food into the trash before handing things off to the dishwasher. Bussers ensure quick turnovers for tables are possible.

Average busser salary in Los Angeles: $31,293 per year

5. Bartender

This food service job in Los Angeles is a popular one, and for a good reason! Bartenders mix tasty alcoholic beverages for guests and are often tipped well. Good at multitasking? Try out bartending in Los Angeles with Qwick!

Average bartender salary in Los Angeles: $38,683 per year

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6. Food Runner

Food runners assist servers by bringing food out on trays for customers. You’ll need to learn how to balance a tray filled with drinks or plates of hot food to succeed in this position. Food runners also refill drinks and depending on the restaurant, sometimes prepare bread and butter before the meals come out.

Average food runner salary in Los Angeles: $30,950 per year

7. Prep Cook

Slicing and dicing are a breeze for skilled prep cooks. This back-of-house role is responsible for preparing ingredients used by the chef. Prep cooks prep different food elements and assist chefs with anything they need while cooking.

Average prep cook salary in Los Angeles: $30,681 per year

8. Barista

Do you claim to be your own at-home barista? Why not become a professional barista with this restaurant job in Los Angeles. Baristas craft the finest lattes, cappuccinos, and more at cozy cafés and coffee shops. Learn how to make a plethora of scrumptious drinks as a barista !

Average barista salary in Los Angeles: $32,123 per year

9. Barback

A barback is a bartender’s right hand. They assist in making drinks, cutting fruit for garnishes, cleaning glasses, taking orders, refilling the ice bucket, and more. Stay busy as a bartender’s assistant behind the bar all night long. You will shortly be skilled enough to be a full bartender!

Average barback salary in Los Angeles: $37,696 per year

10. Banquet Server

A banquet server serves food and beverages to guests at a catered event. You will greet guests, refill drinks, bring out meals, and clear tables as a banquet server. This role answers any questions guests may have about the venue and ensures the ambiance is maintained throughout the event.

Average banquet server salary in Los Angeles: $51,000 per year

Now that you know some food service jobs in Los Angeles that are in high demand, it’s time to start picking up shifts. Qwick is the best way to work the restaurant scene and has shifts in all of the positions listed above. Read on to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Qwick Professional.

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Find Los Angeles Restaurant Gigs With Qwick

Being a Qwick Professional brings many benefits for people seeking freedom and flexibility. The nature of Qwick is set up so that Professionals can work around their busy schedules and pick up only the shifts that work for them. Learn about more benefits below.

You Set Your Own Schedule

The first benefit is that you get to set your own schedule that meets your lifestyle needs. You have the option to accept shifts that interest you and don’t interfere with other responsibilities. Qwick allows you to have complete control over your schedule and more flexibility than a full-time restaurant job.

You Choose Your Role

Are you a skilled bartender and like to waitress too? That’s great! Qwick gives you the freedom to choose what shifts you want and when. No more getting stuck as host every shift even though you were hired as a server. You control the open shifts you pick up and what position they are for!

Find Great Paying Gigs in Los Angeles

Qwick works with Los Angeles Business Partners to ensure you will be paid fairly. Not to mention, you get paid in as little as 30 minutes after a completed shift. Finding open shifts is easy with Qwick. You’ll have opportunities right at your fingertips with the Qwick mobile app. Find the best-paying food service jobs in Los Angeles in a snap!

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