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The Top Qwick Freelancers of 2021


In 2021, over 165,000 new food & beverage freelancers joined the Qwick platform. From top-of-the-line banquet captains and cooks to all-star bartenders and bussers, the talented hospitality freelancers who use our platform make Qwick synonymous with quality.

We’re thrilled to recognize the Top Qwick Freelancers of 2021 – an especially dedicated group of leaders showcasing excellence in their roles and being great members of the Qwick community. We can’t thank our freelancers enough for all their hard work, especially during another challenging year for the hospitality industry. We would not be where we are today without them!

Before we get into the full list, we’d like you to meet a few of these all-stars and see what they have to say about their experience as Qwick freelancers…


“The best part of being a Qwick freelancer is the joy that I get out of going and being of service to these different establishments.”

– Patricia B., Los Angeles Qwick freelancer since October ’21

I love working in the hospitality business as I am currently going to school. Qwick gives me the flexibility to pick up shifts when I please and enjoy my days off when I need them.”

– Jessica C., Orlando Qwick freelancer since June ’21 

One of my favorite shifts was at Bayshore Yacht Club. I was a banquet server at a school fundraiser. Guests were so polite and the staff has the best attitude. They send me personal requests to work with them… and I love it!

– Jesica O., Miami Qwick freelancer since October ’21

“What makes a Top Qwick Professional?” you might ask. The freelancers listed below were awarded their titles for maintaining a 5-star Qwick Score while working the highest number of shifts in their respective market, with few or no cancellations.

Please join us in celebrating these outstanding individuals:

Adam S., Atlanta

Bill L., Tampa Bay

Cesar G., San Diego

Chris W., Houston

Christine W., San Diego

Danarra E., Chicago

Doris A., Phoenix

Edison R., Miami

Eiram D., Dallas

Glenda R., Chicago

James A., Dallas

Jamie Z., Dallas

Jamil S., Chicago

Jason M., Phoenix

Jennifer C., New York City

Jessica C., Orlando

Jesica O., Miami

Jessie T., Tampa Bay

Jetsemani C., Los Angeles

John B., Atlanta

Jonathan P., San Diego

Jose Luis R., Tampa Bay

Jose G., San Diego

Joseph M., New York City

Justin Q., Houston

Kim A., Phoenix

Lindsay B., Orlando

Marcus A., Phoenix

Maurice W., Dallas

Michaela C., Atlanta

Nolan S., Phoenix

Patricia B., Los Angeles

Peter T., Tampa Bay

Porscha C., Atlanta

Richard L., Chicago

Robbie E., Atlanta

Rubin E., Atlanta

RuJahn M., Miami

Sal V., San Diego

Saul A., San Diego

Sean C., New York City

Shari T., Miami

Shawn H., Houston

Steve C., Phoenix

Terrence C., Chicago

Tevin M., New York

Vania R., Orlando

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