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Our unique algorithm finds the best staff for your shift. It’s that easy! 

We’ve worked with other staffing companies where we’ve had to move [the workers] along, but the Qwick staff shows up, they do what they’re told, they know what to do, and they’re very professional.

Diana Lassen - Business Manager

Franco Vitella's Catered Affairs

Managers Like You Ask:

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How are the Professionals vetted?

We vet each Professional personally at our orientations by assessing their punctuality, attire, and ability to follow directions. 

Our custom industry Qwiz asks challenging questions that only the best in the industry can answer, ensuring they have the experience expected of the best catering companies in New York like you.

Can I request staff immediately?

We're called Qwick for a reason! We specialize in matching you with high quality Professionals when you're in a pinch. 

Once you post a shift, we will fill it in as little as 6 minutes, and we can have a Professional at your location within an hour.

Quality Cooks
Ready In Two Hours

Need Cooks Immediately?

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Are your Professionals insured?

All Qwick Professionals are covered by Occupational Accident Insurance and a General Liability Policy ( with an Umbrella Policy on top ).

Our Occupational Accident Insurance covers injury to the Professional on the shift. General Liability covers 3rd party and property damage. Finally, our umbrella policy covers more general liability.

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