why work at a startup

Startups: places where creativity and innovation come to life. When working at a startup, you never know what the day will bring. That’s the fun of the unique environment many startups provide. Some of the world’s biggest companies began as startups and grew to be prominent industry leaders. 

Take Apple, for instance. Apple was founded in 1976 by two college dropouts in a garage. From there, the startup grew immensely until it became the technology powerhouse it is today. It now employs more than 80,000 people across the United States.

The Qwick team knows a thing or two about startups because we are one! We are going to share the top benefits of working at a startup to help you decide if you want to take the leap and leave the corporate world. 

What Is a Startup?

According to Forbes, “Startups are young companies founded to develop a unique product or service, bring it to market and make it irresistible and irreplaceable for customers.” So think about companies like AirBnB, Pinterest, Uber, and Instagram. These companies saw a need for a new service and worked hard to develop innovative concepts. 

There are thousands of startups across the United States, so if you are looking to work for a startup, there are plenty of opportunities.

9 Benefits of Working at a Startup

Why work at a startup? Well, if you are tired of the monotonous 9-to-5 corporate work life, getting hired at a startup could provide some much-needed enjoyment. What are some reasons working for a startup is better than corporate life, you ask? 

There are plenty of differences that make a startup work life more exciting than the corporate world. Here are the top nine benefits of working at a startup that are sure to have you itching for a change.

why work at a startup

1. Increased Flexibility

Startups are known to come with increased flexibility. Employees at startups often have flexible work schedules with ample vacation time. Working from home is also common for startup employees. Many startup companies have teams made up of people in different states who work remotely. The flexibility of working at a startup is one of the best benefits because it allows you to create a healthy work-life balance. 

2. Higher Growth Potential

Startups tend to grow from internal resources. You may start at a lower level position, but as you prove yourself, it is usually easier to move up in this environment than in corporate jobs. You will be pushed as an individual to grow alongside your team, and if you embrace the growth opportunities, you will likely be rewarded. 

3. Creative Environment

Another benefit of working at a startup is the fun environment. Startup environments are lively and dynamic. These environments are usually fast-paced and place value on creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. Employees build strong relationships and foster ideas to make processes more efficient. Thoughts and ideas are exchanged by team members and open communication is important.

4. Smaller Team Size

Startups generally have smaller teams, meaning you will get to know most, if not all, of your coworkers better than in a corporate setting. You are all working towards a common goal of growing the company. There is often an emphasis on team building and strong work relationships to promote collaboration. This helps startup teams learn how to effectively communicate with each other to solve problems. Being on a small team creates a sense of community that is a huge benefit of working at a startup. 

5. More Responsibility

When asking, “Why work for a startup?”, many people would mention the autonomy and responsibility they have working at a small company. Every team member at a startup is valuable and for financial reasons, each employee may have many responsibilities. Team members are given more autonomy and less supervision than in the corporate setting. You are expected to take ownership of your work and learn from mistakes.  

6. Variety in Day-To-Day Tasks

Along with having a lot of responsibilities, while working at a startup, you may wear many hats. Since startups are much smaller than corporations, you may need to be flexible and help your team with tasks outside of your realm of expertise. This doesn’t mean you will be doing things you don’t know how to do, but rather you will never be bored with the variation of your day-to-day to-do’s.

7. Competitive Benefits Packages

Don’t think for a second that working at a startup means being undercompensated with few benefits. Startups offer competitive wages and benefits for their employees. Healthcare plans are provided by many startups, often along with the option of a 401K. Tuition reimbursement is another benefit provided by some startups. In addition, generous family leave and work from home flexibility are two benefits that are often seen in startup work environments.

8. Fast Pace

Working at a startup is great for those who love to always be busy. Things move quickly at startups and the tedious tasks of the corporate world are not often found. This makes for a fun environment that is full of surprises, problem solving, and company-wide collaboration. A fast pace isn’t for everyone, but if you’re tired of sitting in a cubicle typing all day, startup life might be for you!

9. Cutting Edge Innovation

The last benefit of working at a startup we will be covering is being in on cutting edge innovation. Just think about how much innovation comes from small startup companies. Working at a startup gives passionate employees the opportunity to make a difference. The startup you end up working for could end up being the next Google. You never know! Innovation is at the core of all startups so you’ll know you’re at the forefront of something new. 

Why work for a startup? These 9 reasons should make it easy to see that startups can be amazing places to work. We hope this guide to working at a startup was helpful to you and that you can solidify your decision to leave the corporate world. 

why work at a startup

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