Here at Qwick, we’re incredibly proud of our innovative tech, but we’re even prouder of our incredible team. So we’re taking a moment to shine the spotlight on rockstar team members that help make Qwick one of Forbes’ Top 30 Great Places to Work.

Besides being an unstoppable business development force, this Atlanta Qwick team member is possibly the coolest guy you’ll meet. How he’s able to pursue his multi-faceted talents while also supporting countless businesses and boosting the company’s growth in The Big Peach is seriously impressive. Meet Josh Smith, Qwick’s Atlanta Business Development Manager.

What do you do at Qwick, and what’s your favorite part of working here?

I am a Business Development Manager, which means I engage potential business partners, educate them about Qwick, and show them ways we can help streamline their business efficiency.

Where are you from, and what’s your favorite thing to do there on a Friday night?

I’m from Thomaston, GA, but I live in Atlanta now. My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is to find a new restaurant with amazing food, and Atlanta has plenty!

Where do you find motivation to work hard?

I find motivation in wanting, each day, to be incrementally greater than I was the day before. Benjamin E. Mays has a quote that I have always loved that says “Whatever you do, strive to do it so well that no man living and no man dead and no man yet to be born could do it any better.”

What’s your favorite thing to cook, and can we have the recipe?

Lemon Thyme Chicken over a bed of brown rice and quinoa with Brussels sprouts. 

In the south, we don’t really use recipes and measurements. It’s more like, season the food until the spirit of your ancestors tell you that you’ve seasoned it enough. But I will say, there’s chicken, thyme, lemon juice. That should start you on the right path.

What’s your claim to fame?

Some would say my collegiate football career at Tulane, but I would say the hip hop album I released under the name 6eorge, called Super(Of)ficial.  

What’s one thing you’re absolutely determined to do in your life?

I’m determined to write and produce a full length movie, coming soon to a theater near you!

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