Here at Qwick, we’re incredibly proud of our innovative tech, but we’re even prouder of our incredible team. So we’re taking a moment to shine the spotlight on rockstar team members that help make Qwick one of Forbes’ Top 30 Great Places to Work.

Take one part positivity, one part hard work, and one part raw coding talent, and you’ve got this integral part of Qwick’s product and engineering team. She constantly looks for boundaries to push and ways to make every member of the team feel welcome. Meet Lauren Chavez, one of Qwick’s Junior Developers.

What do you do at Qwick, and what’s your favorite part of working here?

I help develop the stuff we all use! Right now, I’m working on the team’s internal tool that helps us communicate with the Professionals and Businesses and run a lot of the business. 

As far as my favorite part about working here, there are a ton of things. A huge one is when we get a message from a Professional about how Qwick allowed them to support themselves while starting their own business, or how because of Qwick, they were able to provide Christmas presents for their children, or just how we made their life a little easier. Another is the fact that every single person I work with is incredibly driven, down-to-earth, and wonderfully unique. I’m not kidding – Every. Single. One. It’s a massive blessing. 

Where are you from, and what’s the best thing to eat or drink there?

I’m from the Dirty T! (Tucson, Arizona, that is.) Everyone always says how the Mexican food there is top notch. Personally, that’s not really my cup of tea (the Mexican side of my family is shaking their head) but I’m always down for a margarita. Now, I live in Phoenix with my boyfriend, Justin, and my pup, Mila (pictured below.) 

What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

This sounds totally cliche, but the thought that I can do pretty much ANYTHING with this day (everyday) fuels me. It’s impossible to really know all the opportunities that each day gives you. The thought that I could make a decision to change my life completely one way or another if I wanted to is profoundly powerful.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

One simple, yet super helpful piece of advice that has stuck with me through many decisions is something my dad told me when I was little: “The world is gonna make many things difficult for you, you don’t need to make more things difficult for yourself.” I mainly relate it to taking care of little things that you should just do in order to avoid unnecessary problems for yourself in the future. I think they call it maturity or something? Sometimes I just have to say to myself, “Alright Lauren, just go get your oil changed.” I know my coworkers with Teslas are laughing at that right now. 

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’m a huge sushi fan. The more raw fish, the better. Not to toot my own horn, but I was that 6 year old using chopsticks like a pro. I’ve also come to realize that the weirdest sounding foods are often the best (IMO). Unless it’s too spicy, I’m usually down to pick the most bizarre sounding thing on the menu.

What’s one goal that you have for the new decade?

Goals in general are about pushing yourself, but that’s literally my biggest goal this year. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone as often as I can. I want to learn more about myself mentally and emotionally by doing things that I would normally be too scared to do. As Will Smith would say, “The best things in life are on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear, are all of the best things in life.”

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  1. My beautiful, talented and kind daughter! I am so Incredibly proud of the woman you’ve become! I love watching you being happy and enjoying life! Happy 25th (Feb 12th) Birthday Sweetheart! XO Mom

  2. Hey Lauren, great insight on the company and your personal journey so far. Looking to be part of this incredible team.

    P.s, it’s cliche for a reason, I feel the same way I woke up daily! #GoGetIt

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