The on-demand gig economy is the new normal. Powered by innovations in technology, it is transforming how we travel, eat, sleep and now work.

Introducing Qwick, a robust mobile-friendly, simple, cost-effective platform created to deal with the pains of staffing in the hospitality industry.  With Qwick, businesses can utilize on-demand staffing technology to fill day-to-day staffing gaps in an instant.

Qwick is changing the way people work by connecting hospitality professionals with available food & beverage shifts in real time. Staffing shortages are a significant hurdle that the hospitality industry continues to face. Qwick provides a simpler way for on-demand hospitality workers to showcase their talents and for companies to identify and hire qualified individuals for short-term gigs.

Qwick clients can count on dependable, reliable, and highly skilled hospitality workers being ready at the drop of a hat to fill shifts or lend a helping hand during seasonal demand.

The hospitality industry faces multiple challenges day-to-day from absenteeism, no-shows, recurring turnover, and call-outs due to sickness or short staffing during peak event seasons. Last minute labor shortage can have a crippling effect on the bottom line with the difficult task of finding a qualified person short notice or settling for a subpar worker. In many of these cases, traditional staffing agencies and job boards can fall short.

While these options may work to find full-time staff, they do not specialize in short-term, on-demand hiring and often come at a high cost with layers of contracts. It can take days or weeks to find workers through traditional staffing agencies, but on-demand platforms move much more quickly. Thanks to the gig economy and platforms like Qwick, a better way to hire has arrived allowing you to leverage the on-demand workforce for business growth. Qwick serves as an intermediary between companies and highly qualified talent.

Potential shift workers register and get notified via text about available jobs that match their qualifications. Qwick provides an on-demand pool of high-quality, professional hospitality workers, banquet servers, and bartenders when you need them. Qwick effortlessly deploys shift requests to pre-qualified, skilled staff who are ready to work and have the relevant experience required.

Qwick is taking the headache out of the hospitality recruitment process by helping to rethink the hiring of short-term staff. Qwick offers a cost-effective, time-saving, scalable solution that seamlessly connects companies and gig workers at the click of a button. On the worker side, Qwick’s mobile-enabled platform allows hospitality workers the opportunity to choose when and where they work and provides them with flexibility and autonomy.

While hospitality business owners and managers reap the rewards of extra time and freedom to focus on customer quality and brand building, a win-win. Because let’s face it, the thought of handling the laborious task of interviewing and hiring temporary staff can be exhausting. After all, time is money!

Unlike traditional temp agencies, whose hiring process can be arduous and complicated, Qwick is equipped to handle unexpected, time-sensitive staffing needs in a timely fashion. Businesses no longer have to sacrifice quality to have a shift filled quickly. Rest assured you are in good hands.

Qwick’s innovative technology provides businesses access to an available, qualified, and skilled workforce minus the contracts, monthly fees, and hassles. Qwick is paving the way for individuals to seek short-term employment and for businesses to find perfectly matched talent within minutes.

If you are a side hustler looking to supplement your income, a job seeker that wants to have a better work-life balance or a business in need of short-term staff to complement the full-time team, then you came to the right place. In our ever-changing mobile world, Qwick is in business to meet temporary staffing demands and de-stress hospitality hiring.

Qwick provides both parties using their service the ease and peace of mind to ensure a positive experience. Workers and businesses merely sign up on Qwick’s platform, businesses post shift openings, and gig workers are matched fast based on skills needed for the specific role. Once workers complete their shift, they are paid instantly upon clocking out.

Finally, Qwick’s 5-star rating system ensures transparency for the worker and business. And the best part is if you like what you see and want to hire a Qwick worker full-time, go ahead! There are no fees to convert to full-time. That may sound unbelievable, but it’s true.

Qwick provides an end-to-end short-term staffing solution that handles hiring, background checks, and onboarding in an all-in-one digital platform.  As a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruitment agencies, Qwick enables true scalability on an as-needed basis.

By utilizing Qwick’s easy, time-saving, and low-risk on-demand staffing platform, you no longer need to worry about being overstaffed or understaffed which often leads to overworked disgruntled employees or less than excellent customer experience.

The gig economy is an exciting new frontier paving the way for on-demand staffing and the digitization of recruitment. Qwick’s stress-free and simplified hiring platform allow businesses to leverage the on-demand workforce and build a team of qualified workers within minutes of posting a vacant shift.

As a trusted partner, Qwick is the future of the fast-growing gig economy’s flexible workforce, helping those in hospitality find jobs and assisting businesses in addressing day-to-day short-term labor shortages. Qwick is the gold standard for on-demand staffing.