International Women's Day with the Qwick Team

Here at Qwick, we are continually working to make our team as diverse as possible. Currently, we’re proud to say that 43% of our team members are women, and we know that increasing our diversity only makes our company as a whole stronger. In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked a few Qwick team members to share why they are proud to be a woman at Qwick.

Amber Chen, UI-UX Designer:

Qwick truly is a special place. We not only embrace gender diversity within the company as a whole but also within each individual team. I am so proud to work alongside our women leaders and to be one of the female voices on our Product Team. Everyday, I am encouraged to stand up for my designs and to challenge others.

Courtney Gulseth, Director of Account Management:

At Qwick, I have the privilege of working with some of the brightest, most driven, creative women I have ever met. Being able to collaborate with individuals who I respect so much has helped me grow and become even stronger in my role. In the last 15 months, I’ve gotten to see my ideas come to life through our product. I always feel that I am making an impact. I take so much pride in being a female at a technology startup, and I’m thankful for the values we live by at Qwick.

Emily Ronningen, San Diego Operations Manager:

Qwick has not only given me a seat at the table but also ensures I am heard and encouraged in that seat. Previously, I found myself looking around the room and rarely seeing a majority of women, let alone a room made up of all women. Not at Qwick. I light up inside knowing I have the opportunity to show my three younger sisters that we can and will ‘hang with the boys.’

Lauren Chavez, Junior Developer:

What stands out for me, being a woman at Qwick, is that it doesn’t necessarily feel any different than if I wasn’t a woman. Everyone here is treated with the exact same amount of respect and tremendous support. We are all people here, and that’s exactly how I want to feel. Qwick is a company where any person of any gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. is welcome. Everyone is treated equally and empowered to be the strongest person they can be. We hire based on merit, drive, and who you are as a person. Because of that, I get to work with an abundance of truly extraordinary women.

Melissa Albert, Director of Recruiting:

Qwick was named in “Fortune’s Top 30 Great Places to Work” for a reason! Our culture is something to be proud of due to the diversity within the organization and our focus on increasing female representation at ALL levels. I not only feel like I have cheerleaders in all of my female colleagues but also in my male colleagues. We are truly family!

Rachael Kratz, Executive Administrative Assistant:

Every morning, I wake up excited to go into the office. I feel extremely respected and supported in my role at Qwick. I know my ideas are valued and my work is helping our amazing team to succeed. Working at Qwick continuously exceeds my expectations of what a quality work environment can look like.

Stephanie Feder, VP of National Business Development:

Qwick is not only changing the way people work in hospitality, but it is changing the reputation of startups and technology companies. I have never worked at a place where so many women held leadership positions. I am so proud that females not only have a seat at the table but we, in fact, make up most of it.

Tatum Velonis, Dallas Business Development Manager:

As a young woman in business, I appreciate the level of respect and trust Qwick puts in me and other women within the company. As a result, we feel empowered and eager to be bold and succeed beyond boundaries. Working for a diverse company that embraces all, regardless of their gender and race, is truly so special. It makes me so proud to be a part of something so amazing.

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  1. Imagine where the world would be today is females were considered the dominate sex. We have fought for generations to be taken seriously in the work force. Men have always been paid more to do the same job that women do. And it seems that in the last 5 years we are finally being given the opportunity to work along side men and even over them. Not saying we are better or smarter and certainly not physically stonger. Be it’s just nice to know we finally being considered as an equal.

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