The gig economy is fast-growing. Individuals are discovering the personal and professional benefits of working gig jobs.

With this in mind, we asked eight thought leaders, “How can gig positions make a person more marketable?”

Their answers will inspire you.

Expand Your Skill Set

Working various gig positions showcases that an individual is flexible and can work successfully in a variety of environments. By working different types of gigs you’re opening yourself up to learn new skills and work with different types of people. By expanding your skills in the gig economy you can show future employers that you are a quick learner and are adaptable to different environments and people.

Zack McCarty, Qwick

A New Networking Opportunity

Gig positions are a great way to get the experience and credibility for your next role. It’s also an opportunity to network. Many of my clients go from contractor to full-time employee within a month or two (both at, or outside of, their current organization) because of their experience, contacts and renewed confidence in themselves.

Kristen J. Zavo, Find Your Job Joy

Use LinkedIn Algorithms to Your Advantage

LinkedIn reduces your rankings 250% if you have to show yourself as unemployed. Working as a freelancer allows you to show yourself as currently employed. Freelancers or gig workers are also independent contractors. And a more prestigious word for independent contractor is consultant. For maximum impact, give your consulting business a name that’s not related to your name or initials.

Joni Holderman, Thrive! Resumes

Increase Flexibility and Freedom

Gigs offer flexibility and typically more dynamic time allotment so people can work when they are free and also potentially accept work from a more diverse set number of employers. Being flexible and creative in tough times is a sign of mental and emotional fortitude, sometimes called grit. That’s a brand almost any future employer will want a person on their team to be covered in.

Noah Wisnia, Head of Talent

Become More Credible

A gig position could add to a person’s credibility. It shows that they are a subject matter expert in their craft and are able to operate on their own while keeping overhead costs relatively low. Confidence comes with being able to perform a gig position and those utilizing the service will recognize this.

Anthony Basuil, Technical Recruiter

Demonstrate Adaptability

Many organizations are looking for people who can demonstrate adaptability in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty, and taking a gig position can really highlight that trait. Additionally, gig workers are expected to operate autonomously and have a service mindset, which are valuable skills for almost any job.

Alex Lahmeyer, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Build Experience

Gig positions are an opportunity to build more experience while you’re waiting for new opportunities to open up in the market. They’re demonstrative of your grit as a candidate.

Mansi Kothari, Maven Clinic 

Become Ambitious and Independent

Working in the gig economy shows that an individual is ambitious, adaptable and independent. The ability to successfully work various jobs in various settings shows that they are flexible and would be a fantastic asset to a future employer. Additionally, working in the gig economy develops skills that are transferable, regardless of what field they enter next.  

Brett Farmiloe, Startup SEO Company

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  3. Thank You so much for the advice! I truest appreciate it! It’s been a hard few months, but we will get through it! Please keep me in mind for future gigs! Thanks….MaryAnn

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