If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably noticed the massive rise in delivery apps over the past few years. While additional sales are a welcome bonus from the restaurant side of things, many companies struggle to cope with the increased work involved in preparing the extra food orders. 

Restaurants that have never offered delivery services before may find it challenging to keep up with demand. On busier days, dozens of additional meals may need to be prepared while maintaining bill times within the facility. But don’t worry! Here are a few ways to make the most of delivery apps.

Kitchen Reorganization

To achieve something new, you need to do something new. Restaurants that have never partnered with delivery apps before may need to look at the way their kitchen is set up. Employees may find it challenging to prepare multiple to-go orders if there is a lack of space. Developing a specific area within the kitchen that is dedicated to deliveries would help keep structure and avoid overburdening already overwhelmed cooks.

Priority Menu Planning

Every menu offers meals that take different preparation times. Many restaurants make the mistake of making their complete menu available for delivery orders. However, this is not a necessity for any of the apps that collaborate with businesses. Developing a menu specific for delivery apps allows restaurants to keep order times short while also giving patrons a reason to come dine in and experience the full menu.

Additional Preparation

Any cook will tell you that preparation is vital, and that rings true for growing delivery orders, as well. Keeping a pulse on what is being ordered to-go on a weekly basis will allow a kitchen to be prepared ahead of time. You can put cold meals, sauces, even utensils and napkins together before service or days in advance. Each of these items may take only seconds to assemble but those seconds can make a huge difference.

Staffing Up

With a new way of maximizing revenue, you’ll also likely need to have enough kitchen staff to fill orders. Utilizing an on-demand staffing platform like Qwick ensures you’ve got a number of talented food and beverage Professionals available in minutes. 

Looking for an extra hand or two? Reach out to Qwick to see how we can help solve your staffing needs.

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