The gig economy is seeing explosive growth venturing far beyond ridesharing, and food delivery side hustles into the realm of hospitality. The gig economy has opened the door to a new type of on-demand workforce which is positively impacting the hospitality industry. So, the question is how can the industry embrace a hospitality gig economy?

Gig work allows people the flexibility and variety they desire while fostering an autonomous and agile work-life balance. This flexibility gives gig workers the freedom to work on different projects for different companies, allows them to learn new skills and add to their resume. Gig-friendly jobs put the power back into the hands of the worker. So one can see why the hospitality industry is borrowing from Uber’s playbook to leverage the gig workers mindset.

gig economy

The introduction of on-demand staffing platforms is revolutionizing the workforce. Now, hospitality employers can summons a worker on an as-needed basis just as easy as it is to book an Uber. The on-demand staffing gig economy is a win-win for all involved, giving businesses access to an adaptable and flexible workforce based solely on shift needs while feeding gig workers ravenous appetite for a more flexible working lifestyle, one gig at a time.

This new approach to temp jobs is giving workers the flexibility to choose when and where they pick up a shift, and it gives employers the ability to adjust their staffing needs in real-time. One can understand why many are “gigging” out over this fast-growing trend and why it’s popularity will continue to soar.

Like most industries these days, hospitality is having trouble filling openings and therefore is turning to gig workers to fill the void. Job seekers and employers are embracing a new approach to finding jobs and staffing. The gig economy is spawning a new workforce as more individuals engage in on-demand, freelance or temporary work suited for their skills, schedule, and financial needs. This new mindset is due in part to user-friendly platforms like Qwick that intelligently help job seekers find work and get connected with businesses needing their expertise and skill set.

Since it’s all about the perfect pairing in the food and beverage industry, Qwick perfectly pairs technology and the gig economy to create something extraordinary. Qwick transforms how the staffing industry operates, and how the hospitality sector engages and hires its labor force. Qwick’s staffing platform employs on-demand food and beverage hospitality workers for hire, rates their level of service, and instantly pays them once their shift is complete. In the ever-evolving digital age where mobile and connectivity play a leading role in our lives, Qwick’s on-demand staffing platform is making it easier than ever to find qualified hospitality workers with specific skills under one roof.

In most hospitality businesses, the need for staff can change dramatically, not just over the course of a week or month, but over the year. Hospitality is highly seasonal and traditional hiring practices can leave firms short or overstaffed very quickly. Qwick makes it easier than ever for the hospitality industry, caterers and event companies to find immediate, reliable help during expected and unexpected peaks in staffing needs. Gone are the days where employers have to scramble to get existing employees to cover shifts or merely be left short-staffed for the day. Qwick offers an effortless solution to ease the stressful and crippling effects of staffing shortages. As a trusted partner, Qwick provides businesses with qualified, temporary staff to get out of a shift jam. Qwick’s sole purpose is to connect food and beverage employers in need of excellent workers with those in need of work.


Running a business in the hospitality sector can be rewarding, but has its many challenges such as skilled labor shortages, difficulty attracting talent and the headache of staff retention. Customer service is the cornerstone of preserving the reputation of a business, but can only be facilitated by a reliable and friendly staff.

Embracing the gig economy to solve staffing challenges can prove beneficial to the food & beverage industry. The reality of the matter is that securing pre-qualified and experienced staff is tough, but staffing platforms like Qwick have emerged to help relieve this roadblock to success. Qwick’s platform deals with short-term staffing pain points when a business is in a pickle. The benefits of using on-demand staffing platforms and hiring temporary skilled workers are immense.

Grow your business on a limited budget

One of the major hurdles to growing a business is cost and resources. The on-demand gig economy faces this issue head-on by providing those in hospitality with the option of scalability thus enabling companies to save time, effort, and cost during ebbs and flows that arise with growing pains. The availability of an on-demand workforce allows employers to fill shifts quickly during peak times and cut overstaffing costs during off-peak periods.

Since employers can face cash-flow issues which prevent them from hiring more full-time staff, gig workers allow companies to operate strategically and cost-effectively to complement existing full-time staff. The reality is that hiring extra, full-time workers can be a costly and time-consuming exercise resulting in fear of going into debt and out of business.

Hiring temporary staff is an ideal low-risk solution to scale up or scale down to meet staffing needs without overextending your finances. Hiring temp staff can be particularly helpful for catering and event companies who want to take on more catering jobs without dealing with the associated paperwork and costs of getting someone new on the books.

The hospitality gig economy saves money on a tight budget

Hire skilled staff when they are needed

Embracing the gig economy means that you only pay for staff when you need them. During the peak holiday or event season when more hands on deck are required, the access to on-demand workers can solve the problem of coming up short.  One of the benefits of on-demand staffing is that you can fill up positions immediately on short notice. On-demand staffing helps to meet the unpredictability, seasonality, and high turnover rate in the hospitality industry. Qwick helps fill shifts fast when full-time staff may be unreliable or overextended by bringing together talented, competent, and flexible temp staff who can cover at a moment’s notice to address staffing needs. Common staffing roles like banquet servers, bartenders, waiters, and hospitality workers can provide the ideal opportunity to wet your palate and take advantage of what the on-demand economy has to offer. On-demand staffing allows those in hospitality to fill shifts immediately on short notice. Access to on-demand workers helps to fill in the gaps during peak holiday and a busy event seasons. Hospitality is highly seasonal and traditional hiring practices can leave businesses short or overstaffed very quickly. Qwick makes it easier than ever for hospitality companies to find immediate and reliable help during expected and unexpected peaks in demand.

Provide support in periods of staff absence

Embracing gig workers means hospitality employers only pay for workers when needed. On-demand staffing platforms help to make hiring and filling shifts a breeze. Temporary staff can provide support and a helping hand to a business during periods of staff absence such as sickness, emergencies or holidays. Calling in the reinforcements is essential since it is not always possible for existing members of the staff to cover their colleagues’ shifts or workload. The hospitality industry frequently deals with last minute call outs and unexpected increases in demand. Reliable and pre-qualified banquet servers, bartenders and hospitality workers are just a few clicks away.

Try before you hire

Short term gigs allow you to determine the right fit. Hiring somebody on a temporary basis gives you the ability to see the quality of their work and to judge how they mesh with customers and co-workers. If you and your colleagues think the temporary staff member will be an asset to the business, then you may decide to hire them full-time. As part of Qwick’shappiness guarantee, they allow you to build a team that you love. If you want to hire a worker full-time, there are no fees to convert to full-time.

Free up recruitment time

While owning a business can be rewarding, it can also be hard work and stressful. Recruiting, training, and managing workers is a time-consuming and stressful process. Time is money and outsourcing the recruitment process can free up valuable time and resources. Qwick handles the recruitment process from start to finish which allows you to hire fast, reliable gig workers on an as-needed basis so you can focus on the customer service experience rather than tedious traditional staffing. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and tiresome, especially when searching for the right person for the job. Qwick’s on-demand staffing platform frees up valuable time by handling the entire process. Now, hospitality businesses can focus on what is essential – servicing clients and growing the business. No need to sift through resumes or spend time interviewing potential candidates since Qwick’s robust vetting feature ensures businesses receive the highest quality gig worker.

Hospitality Gig Economy helps recruit experienced staff

Streamline the payment process

On-demand staffing platforms help you seamlessly fill shifts, manage workers, and payout once work is complete.  Qwick handles the entire process, from scheduling to payment. Tech-enabled staffing providers like Qwick free you from the hassle that comes with traditional hiring and administration. Qwick’s mobile solution seamlessly matches qualified workers to the roles that match their qualifications and quickly fill the positions.

The benefits of a gig workforce in the hospitality industry can’t be overstated. So, say “goodbye” to hectic last-minute calls to fill shifts and the need to employ an unnecessary and costly labor force at the detriment of your business. Say “hello” to a new way to work by embracing the gig lifestyle, forge new career paths for flexibility, enjoyment, work-life balance, and the perfect fit. As the gig economy grows in an ever-increasing mobile world, on-demand staffing platforms like Qwick will be there to help navigate the evolving landscape, making it easier for top talent and businesses to connect. The gig economy is the future of staffing, and something businesses and job seekers should leverage to remain relevant and highly competitive.